Origami RDE-01 Computer Gaming Desk Review

Origami RDE-01

Named after the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, the Origami RDE-01 Computer desk is a compact and collapsible table. This means that when you need space in your living environment it can be put away quickly and easily without much effort. It is made from high quality materials and light tubular metal supports. The desk surface is smooth and flat, and the underside of the table has two platforms where a PC or console can rest above the floor.

The reasoning behind this is that an electronic device that has internal cooling fans will be less likely to suck in excess dust and dirt, and is therefore seen as an effective way of prolonging the life of your electronic equipment and having a cooler running unit over time. The lower platform can also act a s a foot rest so comfort during use is guaranteed.

This desk comes in black only, and is styled in a modern way that will compliment which ever gadgets you decide to place on it. When taking this desk out of storage, it takes just 40 seconds to reassemble and disassemble. The folding mechanism is comprised of two pieces and is equipped with two locks as well. The table top can be removed, which makes moving the unit very easy and light.

The work area of this desk is very generous, spanning a combined total of around 7sq feet or so. This is an ideal size for a foldable desk, and it can also be used in a home office environment as well, due to its classic color scheme and neutral styling aesthetic. No tools are required when setting up the table and it is also very easy to assemble with easy to follow instructions, so you won’t get stuck when trying to put this desk together.

  • Opens and folds in 40 seconds or less
  • Folds flat
  • Two-piece folding mechanism with dual locks
  • Offers 7sq feet of surface area
  • No tools required to assemble

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