GreenForest Workstation Review

GreenForest L-Shape Corner Workstation Desk

The last item in our list that completes our fantastically in depth and informative article is none other than the GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Desk, and it is a good one to finish up with. We have here perhaps one of the most understated and minimalist tables that we have come across, and it features beautiful clean lines and understated aesthetic attributes as well.

It is an L-Shaped desk that provides a great gaming area if you happen to setup your high end PC or gaming console on. Where this table does fall short is in the storage department, however. There are issues with this particular lack of capacity for some people that find that they need drawers and compartments to place their accessories in, or to have a shelf of some kind the store items. This particular model doesn’t have anything like that, but what it does offer is a straight forward gaming desk with no gimmicks or cheap accessories.

The metal legs of this desk have been treated with a special epoxy based compound that not only protects it against wear and damage, but also manages to help prevent corrosion and rust. As with most of the desks in this article, the rubber feet that anchor the unit onto the ground are manufactured with special non-abrasive ABS resin material, which not only makes it less likely to scratch your floor surfaces, but it also makes the feet of this gaming desk very durable and long lasting.

In addition to there being a much greater protective property being built into this highly advanced material, it adds further grip and non-slip properties to your desk, which means that pushing the desk over or bumping it out of its current position is much less likely to happen. There is also a middle piece that joins the two sections of desk together and it acts as a locking piece. This additional platform lets you put items on top of it, so you can use it as a display section if you want to, which is great as an additional component.

There is also a lot to be said about the stylized design of this particular table, and it is really simple and clean. The stylized black color creates a sleek and stylish desktop item that is sure to create the central figure of your gaming setup. And as far as gaming setups go, there is an awful lot to like here. The L-shaped form of this desk will give gamers a little more extra room to setup and play games at.

Sitting at the table will allow for gamers to adjust the height of their gaming platform by screwing or unscrewing the adjustable height controls. While this may not be as wildly advanced as some of our other choices in our top list such as the units that have electronic and motorized controls. As far as a 3 piece gaming desk goes, this is certainly one to look at getting, especially if you have more to do at your desk than just game.

Model making, puzzle making, drawing, writing and working on your laptop or computer are all things that you can do at this functional desk. When you setup an L-Shaped desk and you feel like gaming on your PC and console, then at least you know that you have space to accommodate both items, which is great for when you feel like using both deices but don’t feel like having to set each one up before you get up and running and playing your favorite games.

There are 6 upright legs that manage to keep the desk upright and balanced perfectly, and they are coated in high quality and highly scratch resistant compounds that are sure to offer amazing longevity and durability. This is because there is an epoxy compound that adds extra strength and amazing durability. Cable management has not really been catered for on this particular unit, and there is no port hole or cable trays that have been installed either.

So if you have quite a lot of devices that need channeling and routing of cables and you feel like you need to keep everything bundled up and neat, then you will have to resort to spiral wrap and zip ties, which isn’t entirely a bad thing.

The top surface of this table is made from particle board and a very durable laminate covering that produces a long term and super strong protective cover. This means that even though the wood is made from slightly less dense wood than actual wooden plank desks, it will have the durability factor that is sure to last you for a really long time.

When looking to assemble this desk after it has been delivered to your house or office, you will be pleased to know that the set comes with all the tools that you will need to assemble this desk, as well as the miscellaneous items such as screws and nuts as well as bolts. There are well defined and simple instructions that can be read and followed, and even people that are not really sure that they know how to assemble such items of furniture will find that they can build this gaming desk and allow for it to be constructed in less than an hour.

Having prior DIY construction knowledge is by no means a requirement, but if you are handy with a screw driver and can read and follow simple instructions then you will not have any problems with putting this great item back together.

The way that these 6 legs make contact with the ground will ensure that the table to sit in a fortress like state of stability and strength. The overall dimensions of this desk are 44.3” by 58.1” and a height of 29.1” a width of 19.1”. The two sides are slightly different from one another and it makes for a variable setup if you feel like you would like the longer side to be on your left or right hand side.

This is a fantastic looking, modernly styled desk that is sure to please anybody that wants to have a sophisticated, modern looking table, or a few as office desks. As with so many gaming furniture examples for PC and console enthusiasts in our review, the GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Desk is just as at home in the office as it is in the home. Versatility appears to be one of this unit’s strong points, although, users with a need for storage may need to purchase additional shelving to have this addressed.

  • L-Shaped desk
  • 3-piece construction desk
  • Sturdy frame
  • Height changeable desk
  • Ships with tools to assemble the desk

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