GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Desk Review

GreenForest L-Shape Corner Workstation

L-shaped units are great for saving space while maximizing your work area, and the GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Desk is exemplary in this regard. Constructed from MDF, this desk gives a great first impression with its good looking appearance and well developed areas of functionality. This is a 3-piece unit, and as such, it can take full advantage of the space in which it is deployed. It has an air of sophistication around it, and a refinement that would be well suited in a corporate office, or in a den.

The sturdy frame is as a result of steel construction, and when paired with the black MDF top, the entire unit looks edgy, and almost architectural in its appearance. The lack of shake and undesired movement in the gamer desk means that you can store your prized possessions on it without having to worry about it toppling over in the event of accidental contact. The height is adjustable from foot cups, and these are turned either clockwise or anti-clockwise to lower or heighten the desk.

The overall dimensions are 58.1-inches x 44.3-inches x 29.13-inches, to ensure that all but the most massive setups can be accommodated upon the desktop’s surface. The overall aesthetic is one of design and style, giving a modern and chic look to the line of desks, meaning that it could be just as at in an office. Whatever this desk lacks in storage, it certainly makes up for it in the looks department.

The sturdiness also comes from the overall weight of this product, and it comes in at around 37.2 pounds which is manageable for most people that might find themselves having to move it to another location. The ease at which this brilliant desk can be dismantled is also something that is a positive attribute, and the fact that all of the tools and hardware that are necessary to assemble and disassemble this product come with the package means that nobody will have any serious issues when trying to setup or pack away this smart looking line of the best gaming desks.

  • L-Shaped
  • 3-piece construction
  • Sturdy frame
  • Height Adjustable
  • Ships with tools to assemble the unit

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