DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Edition Review

DXRacer DGD/1000/NE

Not everyone feels like sticking with conventional shapes, styles and colors when it comes to gaming desktops. In fact, many people are looking to find the gaming desktop that encapsulates their personalities and integrates their desire to game at the same time. And for gamers that are looking for something to fit all of these different criteria, there is the DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Edition gaming desktop.

The DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Edition gaming desktop is a bold gaming desk that is sure to turn heads whenever it is seen for the first time.The shape, style and coloring options of this desk simply encapsulates the gaming spirit and aesthetic through and through. But this product doesn’t fit into the gimmick segment of the market, not by a longshot.

This is because there are functional elements to each and every feature that is present in this desk, from the angled curvature of the wrist support, to the cable management guides and cable apertures, there is utility and functionalism in every element. The materials used include wood, metal and carbon fiber, so you can be assured that you have purchased a really strong and beefy gaming desk.

This is felt in the unit’s overall sturdiness and weight, which is not overly heavy, but has a reassuring weightiness to it that lets you know that it is more than capable of holding up your prized gaming gizmos and will not fold under the pressure. The color styling stands out instantly, and anyone who lays eyes upon it will know instantly what this mean looking desk had been made for: gaming.

Available colors are black, green and red, with black accents and highlights interspersed around the unit.When coupled with some RGB lighting effects, this desk blends in and creates a gaming surface that is simply unparalleled in this round up.

The DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Edition gaming desktop has many solid feature that you might not have expected at first, such as a slightly tilted desktop that is at a gradient of around 10-degrees. This has some ergonomic benefits and is said to offer a more comfortable working environment for gamers.

This is especially the case where a gamer may find him or herself at their desk for extended periods of time without rest, making the chances of nerve damage through Repetitive Stress Injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The desktop surface has also been extended to allow your forearms to rest perfectly on the edge while using a keyboard and mouse, helping not only your overall posture, but your blood flow and circulation as well. This is because the angle of your body’s joints are really susceptible to injury from improper alignment, and once you have picked up an injury of that nature then you are almost certain to have repeated issues with pain and reoccurring discomfort.This provides further ergonomic benefits to your posture, preventing wrist and elbow pain due to extended sessions of gaming in from of your desk.

Part of what makes this unit so special, other than the obvious postural and ergonomic benefits is the built in cable management, which ensures a tangle free, clean looking assortment of wires around the back of the desk. The smart design of this desk’s legs has also led to the development of another feature: super stability and steadiness.

Due to the leg configuration, gamers will notice that the desk can take quite a heavy load considering the tables overall size. The overall dimensions are 31.5” x 47.3” x 31.5”, and it weighs around 59lbs when packed for shipping and 50lbs when it is setup and unpacked.

We move now to the surface of the desk, and look at the actual desk area itself. We can see that there is a raised lip that will prevent all of your gaming goodies from being accidentally brushed off the side or back of the table, preventing untold heartache and gnashing of teeth.

Luckily, the designers implemented the raised sections in such a way that it actually looks like an aesthetic touch, rather than a functional one. Luckily for the gamers that happen to own one of these premium quality gaming desktops, it is both aesthetic and functional.

Whatever your preferences are when it comes to digital entertainment, you can be certain that you have found an excellent gaming desktop for your console and PC sessions. The comfort for your wrists while in a playing position, and thoughtful cable management will make this premium product a welcome addition to your gaming area.

This could be a home office that doubles as a man cave, or as a central feature in your bedroom or dorm, it has the style, stability and good looks to hold its own in any setting that requires a great looking desk with some super refined features.

Premium gaming desktops and workstations like these are a capable addition for anyone that wished to enjoy the best in desktop gaming, and is certain to be a hit once you have set it up in your home. There is more than enough load baring capacity from this unit for you to rest easy with a big expensive TV resting on it, or a high end gaming computer.

The extreme styling, aggressive aesthetics and thoughtful engineering that went into the unit have all come together to create a premium gaming desktop product. Setup is a breeze with this table and you are sure to enjoy many years of regular use from such a great looking and comfortable gaming desktop.

Although this may not be the right choice for everyone when it comes to decorating their living space, there is certainly no denying the fact that if it is a gaming surface that you want, then it is a gaming surface that you will get when you venture out with this fantastic choice in gaming aesthetic and design. The mouse friendly fabric on top is a nice touch, and should be enough to help you to not buy an additional component such as a gaming mat. Now that is a bargain.

The mixed materials that go into the construction of the DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Edition desks lets you know that you are looking at a premium desk. Wood, metal and carbon fiber all fuse together to give gamers the ultimate in comfort, design and functionality all rolled into a single compact design.

The overall quality that has gone into the design and construction of this unit is apparent to all who lay their eyes upon it. Premium desks are really strong and durable, so once you have made your premium choice, you will have a quality piece of furniture for many years to come.

  • Different Colors Available
  • 10-degree slope to help with ergonomics
  • Extended work desktop for arm support
  • Very stable
  • Built in cable management
  • Carbon fiber construction

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