DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Edition Gaming Desktop Review

DXRacer DGD/1000/NE

The DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Edition gaming desktop is a bold desktop that is sure to turn heads whenever it is seen for the first time. The materials used include wood, metal and carbon fiber, so you can be assured that you have purchased a really strong and beefy desk. The color styling stands out instantly, and anyone who lays eyes upon it will know instantly what this mean looking desk had been made for.

It has many solid features such as a slightly tilted desktop that is at a gradient of around 10-gedrees. This has some ergonomic benefits and is said to offer a more comfortable working environment for gamers. The desktop surface has also been extended to allow your forearms to rest perfectly on the edge while using a keyboard and mouse. This provides further ergonomic benefits to your posture, preventing wrist and elbow pain.

Built in cable management ensures a tangle free, clean looking assortment of wires around the back of the unit. Due to the leg configuration, gamers will notice that the desk can take quite a heavy load considering the tables overall size. The overall dimensions are 31.5” x 47.3” x 31.5”, and it weighs around 59lbs when packed for shipping and 50lbs when it is setup and unpacked.

Whatever your preferences are, you can be certain that you have found an excellent gaming desktop for your console and PC sessions. The comfort for your wrists while in a playing position, and thoughtful cable management will make this premium product a welcome addition to your area. Not all of the best gaming desks and workstations are premium, like these are a capable addition for people that wished to enjoy the best in desktop gaming, and is certain to be a hit once you have set it up in your home. The extreme styling, aggressive aesthetics and thoughtful engineering that went into the unit have all come together to create a premium desktop product. Setup is a breeze with this workstation.

  • 10-degree slope to help with ergonomics
  • Extended work surface for arm support
  • Very stable workstation
  • Built in cable management
  • Carbon fiber construction

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