Atlantic Pro Gaming Desk Review

Atlantic Pro

The Atlantic Gaming Desk is the little brother of the Atlantic Pro that we reviewed earlier in this article, and it features much of the same set of options, and is a little smaller than the Atlantic Pro is. These gamer desks features a smart looking table top with wire guide holes, as well as a cable management tray that runs underneath. This forms part of the cable management system and is one of the selling points of this particular product.

The legs are sturdy and stable, and it allows for the table to endure even the heaviest of PC gaming rigs. The feet feature a special non-marring feet, steel rod enforced construction that means that moving these desks around wont scuff your flooring. 40-pounds is the maximum load bearing weight that the unit can take, and a 27-inch display is the biggest screen that you can hope to squeeze onto its surface.

The metallic finishing features a steel and carbon fiber aesthetic that will please those that prefer a more modern looking piece of furniture. There is also a charging station, speaker tray and storage drawer that adds extra capacity to your storage requirements. There is a table-top reinforcement bar that helps to prop up the top surface, as well as a monitor stand. The monitor stand provides an elevated viewing position that many gamers consider to be a much more favorable neck position during extended periods of usage.

For those that use this product with a gamin console will be happy to know that there are also console controller hooks that will allow players to hang up their controllers when not in use. There is also a game storage rack that will allow for neat and safe storage of blue-ray discs for a simple storage solution. The trim plates that are installed in conjunction with the cable management system means that tangled cables are a thing of the past.

  • Cable management system
  • Non-marring feet
  • Fits 27-inch LCD
  • Can support up to 40lbs
  • Includes charging station

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