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The Atlantic Gaming Desk is the little brother of the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro that we reviewed earlier in this article, and it features much of the same set of options, and is a little smaller than the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is. This kind of compact design and layout is an excellent solution for anyone that has a space issue in their current living setup. As a dorm room desk this is an incredibly fantastic option to try out.

This is definitely a lighter weight desk that will offer little resistance when it needs to be moved and stowed away. As well as all of these great attributes, this gaming desk features a smart looking table top with wire guide holes, as well as a cable management tray that runs underneath. This forms part of the cable management system and is one of the selling points of this particular product.

The legs are sturdy and stable, and it allows for the table to endure even the heaviest of PC gaming rigs. The feet feature a special non-marring feet, steel rod enforced construction that means that moving this gaming desk around wont scuff your flooring. 40-pounds is the maximum load bearing weight that the unit can take, and a 27-inch display is the biggest screen that you can hope to squeeze onto its surface.

If you enjoyed the convenience of speakers and cable management from the larger version of this desk, then you will be pleased to know that this desk has retained much of that functionality and design. This unit has some great bits and pieces that make it a technology lover’s dream.

This includes a charging stand, an LCD stand for your display, keyboard and peripheral storage areas, the headphone hook is also making a reappearance in this model, which is great for people that never quite know what to do with all of their gaming peripherals.

The metallic finishing features a steel and carbon fiber aesthetic that will please those that prefer a more modern looking piece of furniture. There is also a charging station, speaker tray and storage drawer that adds extra capacity to your storage requirements. There is a table-top reinforcement bar that helps to prop up the top surface, as well as a monitor stand.

The monitor stand provides an elevated viewing position that many gamers consider to be a much more favorable neck position during extended periods of usage. Another good feature that this table has is that it has non-marring rubber feet, which will protect the floor when the table ever has to be moved or dragged anywhere. This will probably still make some marks, but not as bad as a table leg with no rubberized feet.

For those that use this product with a gaming console will be happy to know that there are also console controller hooks that will allow players to hang up their controllers when not in use. There is also a game storage rack that will allow for neat and safe storage of blue-ray discs for a simple storage solution. The trim plates that are installed in conjunction with the cable management system means that tangled cables are a thing of the past.

Console games will be very happy to note that there are plenty of storage spaces on this unit that will allow them to stow their games, controllers and console all in one neat little desk. Other things to consider are the fact that the desk surface area isn’t all that much too smaller than the slightly bigger brother of this model, so it isn’t exactly a tiny little table top that won’t give too much space for you to layout all of your gadgets.

Pricing on this table puts it squarely in the middle of our pricing table, in the sweet spot between value and premium selections. A 27 inch screen is probably the biggest you can go when placing a monitor on the desk, but the general feeling that we get is that you might get away with a slightly bigger screen than that, providing it isn’t heavier than the maximum load rating for this particular desk.

The beverage holder makes a welcome comeback on this model, which will carry on protecting all of your electronic devices from spillages and condensation. The drinks holder is constructed from the same wire frame construction as the rest of the desk’s cable management system. As a gaming room piece, there is a great deal for prospective buyers to benefit from, not least of which is the fact that there will be a much cleaner area for them to enjoy some great gaming.

40 pounds of load bearing capacity is plenty of strength for anybody that is looking to stack up the table full of electronic goodness, and is sure to be ample for almost all average gamers. This creates an even sturdier gaming desk than what you would assume from its relatively small footprint, so not only is this a compact gaming desk but it has the strength and build quality to go the distance and hold the line for a very long time.

Gaming desks can be pretty and strong, and this desk manages to tick both of these boxes, as an attractive piece of functional furniture that not only looks good but offers a really clean looking and strong desk.

Buyers that have been lucky enough to purchase one of these units have been hard pressed to find any faults with this particular table, and the overall aesthetic in conjunction with the rest of this package creates a fantastically well build and excellently designed piece of furniture that serves both as a gaming table but also as a standard desk as well.

Some of these same users have also managed to fit 2 desks into the same area, with a laptop to boot as well. This shows that the manufacturer’s estimates might have been a bit conservative when it comes to the desk’s load bearing properties, which is a good thing as it is normally better to be safe than sorry.

This is an understated desk that has cable neatness and accessory storage at its heart. This means that all of your electronic components can be kept out of sight when you are not using them.

The overall aesthetic of this item is clean and slick, making for a perfect desk surface for anyone that spends a lot of time in front of a display. PC and console gamers are both catered for on this entertainment platform, making this a desk that is as versatile as it is attractive.

  • Cable management system
  • Non-marring feet
  • Fits 27-inch LCD
  • Desk can support up to 40lbs
  • Includes charging station

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