Atlantic 33950212 Gaming Desk Pro Review

Atlantic 33950212

The Atlantic 33950212 Gamin Desk Pro is a trapezoidal legged desk that features many optional components such as a tablet/phone holder, and accessory basket. There is also an elevated display shelf and drink holder that come with this unit. The drink holder is also slightly hanging off the edge of the desk, which means that any spills that should occur would occur away from your valuable electronics.

The desk is made from wood and metal poles that form a cross that supports the desk with a sturdy cross bracing. Gamers will be happy to know that the laminated wooden surface is durable and easy to clean. The dimensions of this budget gaming desk are 51-inches x 24.5-inches x 35.8-inches, plenty of space for PC and console gamers alike. The unit weighs around 44 p0unds when shipped and unpacked.

The Atlantic 33950212 Gamin Desk Pro is capable of holding 5 games, 2 controllers, a set of headphones, 2 x speakers. The maximum weight of the display is 40-pounds, which means that size options for users will be many.  There is also a charging station included that has come with the desk. The power strip holder is ideal for holding your power adapters and plugs, and the steel construction of the framework is strong and economical.

There is a strong focus on gamers with this product, as evidenced by the multiple compartments for accessory storage. The charcoal carbon fiber laminate will stand the test of time, and looks to be a very durable option for any gamer that finds themselves playing games often. The space that is available to the user means that there is enough room for a laptop, keyboard and big display, perfect for gamers that have a lot of components to store neatly.

  • 32” monitor support
  • Curved desk for better viewing
  • Carbon laminated
  • Accessories
  • Trapezoid leg design

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