Atlantic 33950212 Pro Review

Atlantic 33950212

The Atlantic 33950212 Gamin Desk Pro is a trapezoidal legged gaming desk that features many optional components such as a tablet/phone holder, and accessory basket. The trapezoidal legs on this desk also give you the benefits of having the strength and rigidity of a solid table, while offering the space saving profile that comes with having a set of thin interlinked legs. There is also an elevated display shelf and drink holder that comes with this unit.

The drink holder is also slightly hanging off the edge of the desk, which means that any spills that should occur would occur away from your valuable electronics. This is a really sensible touch that has been bestowed upon this particular desk, as a beverage holder is not always something that you would expect to find on a gaming desk. Accidental spillage can be mitigated to the point of irrelevance when you use this beverage holder as it was intended by the designers of this table.

The design elements of this desk all come together to greet the eye with a modern and stylish table that is both striking and understated at the same time. The legs are welded together, making an X shape on both sides, giving you an extreme looking table, but that image is then quickly smoothed out by the rest of the almost plain features such as the storage baskets, cable channels or raised display platform.

This desk is a great addition to your gaming room, man cave or even home office if that is what you plan on using it for, and as far as comfortable desks go for gaming and enjoying digital entertainment, this is a fine example. The only consideration that needs to be taken is perhaps the scuffing of the floor that you might have in your particular setup, so be sure to not drag the desk when you need to move it around.

The weight of the table might be a slight issue but if there are more than one person in the room then enlisting their help to assist you with relocating the table will quickly remedy the situation.

The desk is made from wood and metal poles that form a cross that supports the desk with a sturdy cross bracing. Gamers will be happy to know that the laminated wooden surface is durable and easy to clean, and the laminated material on the top of the table is ultra-strong and extremely durable. The dimensions of this budget gaming desk are 51-inches x 24.5-inches x 35.8-inches, plenty of space for PC and console gamers alike.

There is ample space for speakers and the sizes can go all the way up to 6” x 5”, which then sit inside the speaker holders that sit on the left and right hand sides of this gaming desk. The unit weighs around 44 pounds when shipped and unpacked, and once setup it is a little bit lighter. It remains heavy enough for it to give gamers a solid and strong platform on which they can place their PC, console and a maximum size of a 32” monitor.

The Atlantic 33950212 Gamin Desk Pro is capable of holding 5 games, 2 controllers, a set of headphones, 2 x speakers which sit inside the speaker basket. The maximum weight of the display is 40-pounds, which means that size options for users will be many, and if you can find a screen that has a stand that does not exceed the overall screen platform footprint, then you should be able to put an even bigger screen up on there.

There is also a charging station included that has come with the desk, and a tablet can rest at an angle that allows the display to be read while it is plugged in. The power strip holder is ideal for holding your power adapters and plugs, and the steel construction of the framework is strong and economical. There are 2 cable ducting channels towards the back of the desk surface, meaning that your cables can be tucked away neatly and cleanly.

There is also the option for people to zip tie their cables to the skinny legs of this table. The headphones can rest on the right hand hook of the table, and they are nicely positioned so that they are out of the way but still in reach.

There is a strong focus on gamers with this product, as evidenced by the multiple compartments for accessory storage, and this makes it a sensible choice for you to enjoy many hours of playing your favorite games while taking full advantage of the storage capabilities of this well thought out product. There are many different design elements that come together to create a fantastic gaming platform.

The charcoal carbon fiber laminate will stand the test of time, and looks to be a very durable option for any gamer that finds themselves playing games often. Running a mouse over this surface for extended periods of time will not scratch or tarnish the material, unless you have some type of abrasive material on the underside of your mouse, such as ceramic glide pads, but otherwise you should be just fine without using a gaming mat or mouse pad.

The space that is available to the user means that there is enough room for a laptop, keyboard and big display, perfect for gamers that have a lot of components to store neatly. The same is true of a gaming pc or gaming console, meaning that you can keep them up on top of the desk and then still enjoy playing your favorite titles while being very close to the viewing area of your gaming monitor or TV.

There are many different options that are available to you when trying to arrange all of your favorite gaming hardware, and options are certainly one of this unit’s strong points. So as a versatile and sturdy desk, this is definitely one that is sure to appeal to gamers that need a great desk at a decent price point.

As a budget  desk, the Atlantic 33950212 Gaming Desk Pro offers a decent desktop to play all of your favorite titles on. Gamers will be satisfied with the storage capabilities of this piece, and there is also a power strip holder for electrical plugs.

The light weight is a bonus for anyone that doesn’t like to have a bulky desk in their home. Light weight desks are a great idea if you find yourself rearranging the house quite often. No back ache or strained muscles as the effort of lifting desks with lower weights is much better for you.

  • 32” monitor support
  • Curved for better viewing
  • Carbon laminated
  • Accessories
  • Trapezoid leg design

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