Arozzi Arena Review

Arozzi Arena Stand up Desk

The next item is a great unit to consider for gamers that enjoy getting fully immersed in the gaming experience, then a desk like the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is one that you should definitely check out. This is one of the most gamer-centric desks in our entire article, with the exception of the DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Edition gaming desktop that we looked at a little earlier.

This is a much simpler looking product, but what it lacks in sophistication, it makes up for in sheer functionality. It looks like a purpose built gaming table, and looks are definitely not deceiving in this particular instance.

Adding to this aesthetic is the fact that there are many different color schemes. We have Black, Green, Blue, Pure Black, Red and white, and each has its own custom pattern that is associated with the color scheme. There are plenty of examples where gamers have set these desks up with their favorite displays and gaming components, and a PC gamer or console gamer will surely find some excellent use and highly functional utility in such designs.

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk features a completely new design and was developed by their Swedish team of designers and engineers. The main idea was to create a wood gaming desk with the most sought after features for gamers. This particular product is available in 5 different colors, and is sure to be available in a color that will suit your particular style, taste and décor. Red, blue, white, green and black are the options available to gamers so there is something to suit everyone.

The key take away from this product is the immersion factor. 3 large gaming displays can easily sit on the surface of this desk and allow the player to be completely enveloped by a digital panorama of pixelated goodness. The overall length is 5-feet and 3-inches, so you can be sure that whatever mammoth gaming displays you intend on placing on this gaming desk, there is bound to be ample room.

The table comes with a water proof, machine washable mouse pad like fabric that spans a massive 14 square feet. The legs of this gaming desk are also adjustable, making it one of the most customizable options in our product round up. The adjustments are achieved by means of a series of screws.

These are simply loosened and then tightened once the adjustment has been made. Once the desk is at the appropriate height, then you can go ahead and get stuck into your gaming session, and not have to worry about adjusting it again for quite some time, until you change your chair or gaming display.

Cable management is taken care of by a series of cutouts on the desk and mouse pad fabric. This allows you to hide all of you display cables such as HDMI, your mouse, keyboard, speaker and power cables as well. Network cable can also be safely managed from the cable management cage that sits beneath the table top, allowing for hidden cable runs that will make your gaming setup look neat and tidy.

This is really important for anyone that has to keep their gaming room free of knotted cables. Cable management is an item that is very often overlooked by people that are trying to find a gaming desk that can allow you to sort out your cabling needs. The cable management is quite a surprisingly low tech solution at that. All it is, is a large swath of stretchable fabric that is screwed to the underside of this table.

Once you are ready to setup your cabling, all you need to do is feed it through the tunnel of fabric and it will stay secure and fixed in place. Other fabric components of this desk include the top surface of the table, which doubles as a massive mouse mat. This mat is not only amazingly functional for playing games as the mouse based platform, but it is also completely removable and washable. This means that you need not be paranoid about spilling any beverages or food on the gaming surface.

If you find that the height of the table is not to your liking, then you can go ahead and modify this whenever you need to do it. There are finger tightened screws that can be loosened whenever you want to raise or lower the table, and it is quite easy to do. Once you have reached the height that you need to get to, then you can go ahead and tighten up the screws again.

This means that there are other excellent ramifications to this desk’s functional design, and that is the fact that the table is really easy to put back together and to assemble in the first place. When comparing this desk to some of the other more complicated and heavy desks, there is a definite difference in how easy this particular unit is to put together.

This unit ships in a great looking box that has a lot of valuable information printed on it. It’s really easy to fold up and place back into the box so that it can be transported to your destination without it being too ungainly to carry. As simple as the design is of this table, it is certainly not as light as it looks. When fully packed, the box weighs in at an impressive 100 pounds. The table top is separable and it can be unscrewed into smaller sections.

The ramifications of this particular design is that it can be put away and stored for extended periods if you need to create additional space in your living space. People that have purchased this desk have reported that there are not too many gaming tables that compare with the overall quality and functionality of it. The only issue might be the slightly tank like weight of the product, and it may be a little more expensive than you expect considering that the functionality of the desk is pretty standard.

The overall dimensions of this unit are 36.25-inches x 25-inches x 10.35-inches, and the solid frame and table top comes in at around 100-pounds when packed in its box. Once it has been setup and assembled, this gaming desk unit weighs around 85.5-pounds, meaning that it has enough mass to allow you to put all of your favorite console or PC equipment on top of the desk.

A solid product all round with excellent build quality and high quality looks. Having this product available in different colors is also a bonus as well, meaning that gamers can find the right desk to suit their color scheme to look good in the house. There are many great features in these console and PC desks, so finding out what could work optimally for you is essential.


  • Allows for up to 3 large monitors
  • Huge field of play for your mouse and keyboard
  • Made from microfiber
  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Easy to disassemble

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