ApexDesk Elite Series 71″ W Electric Adjustable Desktop Review

ApexDesk Electric Adjustable

Technology lovers will be impressed with the sci-fi functionality of this electronically controlled desktop. Height adjustment is achieved by pressing two toggle switches on the underside of the desk, allowing you to adjust the table to suit your preferred table height. This means that you can even raise the surface up high enough so that you can stand and work if you want, which may or may not appeal to you, depending on your requirements.

The table is available in a variety of different colors, and that makes this one of the most customizable units in our round up. Colors that are available include: American Walnut/Black Frame, Black Top/Black Frame, Light Oak Top/Off-White Frame, Red Apple Top/Black Frame, Red Cherry Top/Black Frame, and Moonlight White Top/Off White Frame. These color combinations look pleasing on the eye, and add another layer of aesthetics to an already good looking package.

The height adjustment heights are from 29-inches to 48-inches, and is achieved at 1.3-inches per second by dual motors. The table has enhanced stability that is achieved by having a one-piece fixed steel beam. The motors have a 225-pounds capacity and a two button control panel for easy adjustment. Assembly is achieved by most users in around 30 minutes, but this is quicker if you are handy around the house and use your hands quite often.

The ergonomically shaped desktop is constructed from 1-inch thick 71-inches x 33-inches of scratch resistant laminate that covers a solid MDF core. This is one of the heavier products on our list, and it comes in at 134-pounds, meaning that it won’t be easy to knock anything over on your desktop, especially if it is your beloved PC and console hardware. The table itself is quite simple, meaning that there is not much in the way of storage or shelving, but depending on your requirements, this could be a positive attribute for users that is looking for a solid product to complement their living space’s decor.

  • Height adjustable
  • Enhanced stability
  • Dual motors
  • Easy assembly
  • Scratch resistant laminate

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