Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desktop Review

Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped

The Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desktop is a smart looking wooden desk that acts as a dual purpose computer desk. It has a dark wooden veneer that features a wood grain, and has a particle board material that provides a high strength foundation upon which this brand of the best gaming desks is constructed. The desktop features some traditional storage functions as well as some display options for those that have collections that they would like to proudly show off to visitors.

There are bookshelves built into below the top of the desks, and this provides ample room for anybody that wishes to store other items, such as games and even console accessories. There is a large area for people to work, meaning that as well as keeping a PC, keyboard, mouse and monitor on the desk, there is additional room for writing and working, without having to relocate all of your equipment every time you wish to get started.

The L-shape ensures that the desktop can fit in anywhere you choose within your environment, it can be positioned as a free-standing desktop, or tucked away snuggly into a corner where it is out of the way. The Dakota measures up at 28-5/16-inches x 51-5/16-inches x 53-5/8-inches once it has been assembled, and comes with a one-year limited warranty. L-shaped units are also classically styled so that they are highly functional and styled to be neat and tidy.

Those that are thinking that this is a flimsy, lightly constructed desktop should think again. This high quality product tips the scales at around 70-pounds when fully assembled, and has a shipping weight of 79-pounds, so if there is anything that this workspace is, it’s certainly not light. The generous dimensions mean that there is never going to be any space issues for customers that is looking to have a home office and a gaming area built into one, which is a good deal in anyone’s books.

  • Good workstation for gaming or a home office, or both
  • Large desktop surface
  • Open shelving for storage
  • L-shaped for fitting in a corner
  • Easy assembly

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