Ameriwood Home Dakota Review

Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk for Gaming

The Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk is a smart looking wooden desk that acts as a dual purpose computer desk. It has a dark wooden veneer that features a wood grain, and has a particle board material that provides a high strength foundation upon which this gaming desk is constructed. The desk features some traditional storage functions as well as some display options for those that have collections that they would like to proudly show off to visitors.

This is probably one of the more conservative designs that we have taken a look at in our list, but that isn’t normally a problem for gamers that aren’t looking to show off their desk, but rather their gaming hardware that is on display. Assembly of this desk is also pretty easy, there are more parts and sundry items that this desk ships with, so depending on what your DIY experience is then this may or may not appeal to you.

Pricing gives this desk quite a good footing in the budget market, and people that feel like taking the plunge and buy this desk are sure to reap the benefits of having a well-rounded and easy to use computer desk. This is not a solid wooden desk, but rather it is constructed There are bookshelves built into below the top of the desk, and this provides ample room for anyone that wishes to store other items, such as games and even console accessories.

There is a large area for people to work, meaning that as well as keeping a PC, keyboard, mouse and monitor on the desk, there is additional room for writing and working, without having to relocate all of your equipment every time you wish to get started.

The L-shape ensures that the desk can fit in anywhere you choose within your environment, it can be positioned as a free-standing desk, or tucked away snuggly into a corner where it is out of the way. The Dakota measures up at 28-5/16-inches x 51-5/16-inches x 53-5/8-inches once it has been assembled, and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

L-shaped units are also classically styled so that they are highly functional and styled to be neat and tidy. Those that are thinking that this is a flimsy, lightly constructed desk should think again. This high quality product tips the scales at around 70-pounds when fully assembled, and has a shipping weight of 79-pounds, so if there is anything that this gaming desk is, it’s certainly not light.

That makes the rest of this package very pleasing on the eye, and knowing that the table is super strong and sturdy means that you will enjoy many years of service out of this particular item.

The generous dimensions mean that there is never going to be any space issues for anyone that is looking to have a home office and a gaming area built into one, which is a good deal in anyone’s books. All that is needed to build the desk after it has arrived at your house is a Philips head screwdriver and the build manual, that’s it. People have been able to assemble this desk in under 30 minutes, which isn’t long at all.

Then once you are setup and on the way to gaming, you can give yourself a pat on the back for having completed what is essentially a home DIY project as well. Just be sure that if you use power tools such as an electric screwdriver then don’t over tighten it as you will damage the relatively sparse particle board underneath the lamination.

Just be sure to keep the desk dry so that the particle board doesn’t absorb any water. Once particle board becomes wet then it generally starts to deteriorate, so be sure to keep your drinks away from the table if you have a nasty habit of spilling.

There are some pretty traditional elements to this desk that are worth going over again, and this is possibly the most universal table in our article. Having a bookshelf is great, even if you don’t have any books. This is where you can possibly look at displaying your memorabilia and action figures if you are that way inclined. Color options are also abundant in this offering, and they are: Black Ebony Ash, Dark Russet Cherry, Espresso, Rustic Medium Oak, Walnut, White with Samoa Oak.

But bear in mind that these are just color names and have no bearing on the actual wood that the desk is constructed from.  Remember, this is a particle board construction, but at this price range, you can definitely expect the particle board to be well made and durable. The quality control of this desk is also pretty good and that means that you are guaranteed to get a lot of usage out of it.

Gamers report that this desk is a great addition to their respective gaming rooms and that it can easily support the weight of multiple monitors and gaming equipment such as laptops and PCs and gaming consoles. That makes this a really well priced item and that serves as an excellent gaming platform that will serve as an excellent piece of furniture for a really long time.

As an L-Shaped desk it is a great solution for people that feel like getting all cozy in the corner of the room so that it is out of the way. A desk of this construction and design looks really good no matter where you put it, so it will look pretty smart regardless of where you put it.

For self-employed gamers this is an excellent choice of desk, that is because it can provide a professional working space during office hours for activities such as typing or writing, and then it can be sat at with great comfort and very little effort and allowing for epic gaming sessions to be had in the blink of an eye. Cable management is handled by grommets so that the wires and tangled messes can be managed without too much issue.

It is hard to fault a traditionally styled desk such as the Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk. It has all of the right characteristics that anyone would look for in a gaming desk, and even as a traditional home office desk as well, for that matter. Those that are looking for a desk more in the style of a gamer themed would probably be happier with one of the less conventional items in our round up, but as far as functionality and value go, this is a real winner.

  • Good desk for the home, office, or both
  • Large table space
  • Open shelving for storage
  • L-shaped desk fits in a corner
  • Easy desk assembly

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