VIM & VIGR Womans Stylish Compression Socks Review

VIM & VIGR Stylish Compression Socks - Women's Large,Cotton, Charcoal/Purple

Another fashionable item that caught our eye was the VIM & VIGR Womans Stylish Compression Socks, from the ultimate range of modern flight socks. The design of the leg and heel of these stylish socks are contoured to fit, and the graduated compression of 15-20 mmHg runs from ankle to calf. These flight socks help with DVT, varicose veins, post-surgery circulation and almost any other everyday use, such as having restless legs. Some of the happy customers even describe the feeling of these socks as “walking on clouds” – now that’s a shining endorsement!

The 15 different designs are sure to cover your style no matter what – you can wear bright white diamond stitched ones, bright red argyle, green accented and even multi-coloured socks. You don’t have to compromise on your looks to gain the awesome benefits of using compression socks, you simply need to pick up a pair of the VIM & VIGR Womans Stylish Compression Socks today! To avoid shrinkage while washing these socks you should wash them cold, and allow them to air dry for best results.

Why we liked it: with 15 different designs there is some good room for a customizable customer experience, and you won’t have to be worried whether someone will be wearing exactly the same colour as you. The flexible toe pocket is great for wearing in just about any shoes, which is also nice if you prefer a more manoeuvrable feel to your socks.

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