Travelsox TSS6000 Travel Socks Review

Travelsox TSS6000 Patented Graduated Compression Performance Travel & Dress Socks With DryStat OTC Pairs, Black, Small

For the health conscious buyer, we happened across the Travelsox TSS6000 Travel Socks which have anti-microbial linings which stop the growth of foot fungus and draw excess moisture out of your feet. These health benefits are all thanks to the patented “Silver Drystat” technology that makes up 75% of the material in the sock itself, while the other components include 15% lycra and 10% nylon to provide that much needed elasticity. The fit of the Travelsox is designed to give you mid-foot compression that provides support for your ligaments, arch and heel while improving circulation at the same time.

You can use these when taking long flights, or when you need to have a bit of extra support when playing sport and doing exercise – they wash easily and can be used just a couple of hours after washing. Something special about this brand is that they are designed and manufactured in the romantic Italian countryside, under the Vitalsox brand that has been around since 1998. You can order the Travelsox in several colours if you’re worried about blending them in with your wardrobe, such as light or dark blue, tan, white, grey black and orange mesh.

Why we liked it: these travel socks have great health benefits besides the usual compression, such as the added heel and arch support, and the anti-bacterial lining that keeps your feet fresh and healthy. These are made in Italy, and sporting a fresh pair of Italian flight socks will certainly feel great.

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