Sockwell Women’s Chevron Moderate Socks Review

Sockwell Womens Chevron Circulator Compression Socks (Charcoal S/M)

The next item on our list is specifically for the ladies, and they are the Sockwell Women’s Chevron Moderate Socks (don’t worry guys, you can pick up a pair of them too, nobody is looking!). These socks are the best for everyday use, such as spending a lot of time on your feet or sitting down in one position, and they offer a mild compression which promotes blood circulation and helps to keep your legs from tiring out too quickly.

There is spandex throughout each Sockwell sock that gives them a great fit in all angles, and these socks will feel just the same every time you put them on. They’re designed to stretch, so you won’t have to worry about having them fray and split fibres from everyday wear. One special thing about this model is the sole cushion that enhances the fit just that much more, and eases the pressure from walking or standing. These socks also have arch support, seamless lining around the toe for protection from bumps, and a turn welt top. For washing you can do a simple hand or machine wash, but this must be in cold water, and the socks must be left to air dry.

Why we liked it: the cushioning on the sole is a great addition to the standard compression sock design, it adds an extra level of comfort and allows you to wear them on their own if you want to. The special heel and toe “boxes” that are stitched in to the fabric are good for protecting your feet from bumps and scuffs.

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