SB SOX Graduated Compression Socks for Men Review

SB SOX Graduated Compression Socks for Men & Women - PREMIUM Design Ideal for Everyday Use, Running, Pregnancy, Flight & Travel, Nursing. (Black/Gray, Small)

You can boost your blood circulation like never before with the SB SOX Graduated Compression Socks for Men. The graduation of the compression is between 20 – 30 mmHg, and helps to keep your lactic acid build up at bay, it aids in muscle recovery and allows you to exercise for longer. This pair of flight socks is so much more than a way to keep your legs from becoming restless, they are for the sportsmen and active lifestyle guys who need fast recovery and superior leg support. They are form fitting so they hug your legs nice and firmly, and they are also breathable to make sure that you don’t experience heat rash or other discomforts like chafing.

With your purchase you get a money back guarantee as well as a free E-Book directly from SB SOX to handle any frequently asked questions you have about the product. You also won’t have to be left to your own devices, the SB Sox social media pages will keep you motivated and up to date with fitness tips, information about how to eat healthy and change your diet, as well as so much more. As ususal the washing instructions are as follows: use cold water, and air dry. Never use hot air to machine dry your flight socks, as they will shrink and become unusable.

Why we liked it: we simply love the fact that these socks are suitable for athletics, because we often forget that not only idleness can cause swelling or discomfort. Having these socks on while running feels just perfect, and they enhance your recovery like never before.

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