Physix Gear Sport Men & Womans Compression Socks Review

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These unisex compression socks by Physix Gear are the top of the line in our opinion – they are suitable for all sorts of injuries and conditions ranging from maternity to broken bone recovery, and they look pretty stylish too! These socks help you to stop blood from clotting after surgery or when your legs swell from travelling via airplane. These are some hardy socks, because they are stitched specifically along lines that don’t fray or experience constant friction. There are also some reinforcements at key points such as the heel, calves and toes that make the socks hug your body while providing extra protection.

This makes the Physix Gear socks perfect for the avid sportsperson too, because they perform very well in all weather conditions and across all different kinds of surfaces such as muddy puddles, forest floors and climbing walls. That doesn’t mean they’re hard to clean – on the contrary, these compression socks have moisture wicking properties that allow them to air dry only hours after being washed. You can throw them in the washer when you get home and have them ready for use the very next day! This product comes with a money-back guarantee to keep customer satisfaction at maximum, and you can return them at any point if you find that they aren’t helping you.

Why we liked it: the careful stitching and hardy material of these socks makes them a long-life product, which means that you’ll be wasting less money on replacements. The extra padding is great for sportspeople, giving these socks more than one or two uses; you can where them wherever, whenever!

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