Fytto Style 1026 Women’s Compression Pantyhose Review

Fytto Style 1026 Women's Comfy Compression Pantyhose, 15-20mmHg (L, Black)

What about replacing that old laddered pantyhose with a pair of proper quality compression pantyhose? The Fytto Style brand has a great everyday-wear product that will give you the best of both worlds, with a snug fit and a roomy toe design that aims to pad your foot for walking and standing for long periods of time. The material around the feet is reinforced, and the waist band is non-binding just to make sure that you don’t experience any skin irritation from stickiness. We’ve got to say that this brand of compression pantyhose looks top quality, from the materials down to the design they are really quite something special.

They provide a graduated compression to give you the right amount of compression in the right spots – this gets your circulation going, and supports your joints where they need it the most. You can use the Fytto Style 1026 Women’s Compression Pantyhose for both casual and formal wear to fit your purpose, whether you are a working professional or just needing them for home. They are available in black, grey, brown and burgundy colors.

Why we liked it: instead of just having socks, you can have compression pantyhose for your entire lower body, and this is the only item on our list that offers you this. The extra padding around the feet is a lovely addition to help you feel comfortable while wearing them for extended periods of time, and the non-binding waist band is also thoughtful.

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