Fytto 1020 Compression Socks Women Review

Fytto 1020 Graduated Compression Knee High Socks Women 15-20mmHg Circulatory,Varices Socks,Travel,Casual-Formal Hosiery Black S

The mothers and soon-to-be mothers among us will be able to rest easy for the first time in a while with the Fytto 1020 Compression Socks, which are just perfect for pregnancy and post-maternity use. These comfortable compression socks are great for reducing spider veins, minor varicosities, muscle aches and restless legs and everything else an expecting mother might experience as they have to spend more time off of their feet. This brand is latex free, which is a rare quality to come across in flexible footwear, but it certainly adds a plus for those of us who are allergic to it.

The toe design is roomy and close-knitted with thicker fabric, just to offer you the best feel possible, and the top hem of the socks are specifically made to be non-. The Fytto 1020 model comes in 7 different colours that you can choose from including black, grey, brown, nude, and our favourite pair is the colourful burgundy one! Remember to only use cold water when machine washing these socks, and leave them out for a few hours to air dry. They may shrink or lose their flexibility from over vigorous washing or from too much heat, and you wouldn’t want that.

Why we liked it: these compression socks are the best for maternal care, as they are non-restricting but still offer a nice flexible and comfy feel. The long-lasting spandex and nylon combination will give these socks a long lifespan and ensure that they’re really easy to clean.

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