Blitzu Men & Women Performance Stockings Review

Compression Socks Blitzu Men and Women Performance Sport Running Socks. Graduated leg Support. Improves Circulation, Recovery. Relief for Shin Splints, Calf & Leg Pain, Plantar Fasciitis. Black L/XL

A fantastic choice for unisex DVT compression socks would be the Blitzu Performance Stockings, which tackles everything from cramps to post-surgery swelling. These are graduated compression socks, which means that they apply just the right amount of pressure to the points you need it most – giving you calf, ankle, heel and arch support most of all. There is a bit of shock absorption that you can feel when wearing the Blitzu performance stockings, and jumping or stepping hard on the ground certainly feels a lot more cushioned on the leg and foot. You’ll experience less fatigue from walking and exercise, but they also tend to work very well for sitting at a desk to work, and other idle times when you aren’t particularly active.

That’s because the Blitzu compression socks are made from premium performance fabrics, all of which are woven into a circular knitted structure to provide a full 360 degrees of stretch and manoeuvrability. The 100% satisfaction guarantee should set your mind at ease that you can always get your money back if you don’t find any improvement in your circulation. You can order these compression stockings in black, white, purple and hot pink.

Why we liked it: the Blitzu performance stockings are unisex, so there is no need to hunt for a sex-specific pair of compression socks. The circular knitted design for extra movement and strength is a great feature on this product that makes it uniquely robust.

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