Tascam Portable Digital Recorder Review

Tascam Portable

If you are looking for a portable digital recorder and do not have a huge budget then this is the recorder you will need as it does not come with a huge price tag. Although TASCAM is more widely known to musicians, it is also perfectly suitable for journalists to do interviews with.

For musicians though, the Tascam is optimized for recording the lulls and swells of music and will automatically set the gain while recording your track – and its Peak Reduction function will allow you to record those soft, delicate moments and rocket through to roaring, emotional, powerful stuff without pegging the needle in the red. The result: a nice, balanced recording without dips or blowouts.

There’s also a low-cut filter which has three pre-sets to help reduce noise. This one offers up to 24bit, 96kHz stereo audio.

This is a small digital recorder that is easy to carry around and simple to use, pop it in your pocket and you are ready for anything from an impromptu voice recording to a jamming session. It may not have all the jam packed features of other digital recorders but it does the job none-the-less.

The TASCAM comes with a 4GB MicroSD card and mini USB cable to let you connect easily to your computer.

  • Budget
  • Works well for music and voice recordings
  • Peak Reduction Function
  • Includes as USB cable

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