Tascam DR-40 Digital Audio Recorder Review

Tascam DR-40

The TASCAM DR-40 Digital Recorder device is a robust, flexible and great portable audio recorder that is perfect for any audio tech and should be included in any toolbox.

The DR-40 Digital Recorder has two combo XLR 1/4-inch pro audio jacks. It also features a 1/8-inch jack for headphones or line out.

The TASCAM is designed for short bursts of recording and syncs perfectly but for long periods you will encounter drift every 30 minutes or so between camera and audio on long shoots. This is obviously not a problem when recording music though.

The DR-40 Audio Recorder features two built-in high quality mics that can be moved to an X or a Y configuration. It comes standard with a USB Port for easy transfer of files from your audio recorder to your computer.

  • Very rugged and flexible
  • Very good sound quality
  • Easy to navigate menu

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