Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail Review

Safety 1st Easy Saver

Weighing in at 3 pounds, we have a plastic diaper pail in the form of the Safety 1st Saver Diaper Pail. It features all of the safety attributes that you would expect from a premium device but at a budget friendly price. Like so many other diaper pails, this unit features an odor free design with seals. It has a non-proprietary bag system that allows for the use of normal plastic bags.

The unit does not feature a foot pedal, but rather an easy to open lid that allows for the lid to be opened without the intervention of both hands, all that is needed is a single hand and you have access to the inside of the pail so that you can deposit your full diaper inside, ready to be carted away. This is an awesome buy for parents looking for a low cost, high quality product that offers high functionality and low cost operation.

The inside of the bin is made from closed cell plastic, which means that bad smells and those nasty smells are not trapped inside after contact with any waste that may have leaked through into the bottom of the pail. There is also a small deodorizer compartment where you can place fragrant disks. The pail comes with 3 free disks, but you can find compatible ones if you look around.

This is an excellent choice for anybody that is looking to save some money without compromising on quality or functionality. The way in which this diaper pail manages to trap odors is remarkable, and makes this unit really punch above its weight. The spring loaded lid is a really hygienic solution for parents that have only one hand free, and then they can use it without contaminating their hands. Overall, this is a great device for any parent that is looking to have a clean and odor free nursery without the hassle of having to get rid of loose diapers in the trash.

  • one hand usage
  • Can use standard plastic bags
  • Dorizer disc included
  • Odor resistant plastic
  • Tough design

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