Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Review

Munchkin Step

The Munchkin Step Diaper Pail features a unique Dual Refill Compatible system, meaning that it is one of the only systems that work with both rings and snap, seal and toss bags. Lavender scented refills are another accessory that can be purchased separately or included with certain bundle purchases. These wonderful lavender scented bags allow for a much more pleasant smell in your nursery or in your house, and these carefully formulated bags with their perfume like aroma is a really big help. This goes a long way to neutralizing strong odors.

The Munchkin looks like a really desirable piece of kitchenware, with glossy white sides and a stainless steel accent on the lid and foot pedal. The foot pedal, also known as a step pedal, is responsible for opening the top lid of the diaper pail. Once the diaper pail lid is open, the Munchkins unique ring mechanism manages to squeeze the packet closed. When you release the foot pedal, the ring opens and the lid closes, thereby sparing the user’s nose from the odor that comes out of the diaper pail.

The self-sealing system on the Munchkin is a patented technology that twists the refill tightly every time you open or close your diaper pail lid. This system therefore works to eliminate the bad odors that are associated with diapers, and will prove to be very valuable to those that have sensitive stomachs. When it comes to replacing the bag inside the baby diaper pail all you have to do is place your foot on the pedal, grab the bag out of the top of the baby diaper pail, replace, and then close the diaper bail until it is ready to be emptied again. The Munchkin makes it effortless for you.

The Munchkin is a well thought out, highly functional device, and has some really good features. The twist rings are capable of keeping odors away and they perform this task very well. This is a sleek device with great functionality.

  • Superior odor control
  • Tree planted for every pail sold
  • Self-sealing design
  • Dual refill compatibility
  • 27 inches in height

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