The Diaper One N Done Review

The Diaper One N Done

This is one of the cheaper units in our round up and yet one of the most effective as well. The plastic tub features an air tight seal that blocks odors and seals each individual diaper in a bag. The operation requires the use of specialized bags, but this is what makes the system so effective. Each diaper is essentially sealed before it enters the diaper pail, which in turn gets an added seal once closed.

This creates two barriers to prevent odor escaping, meaning that when it is time to open the diaper pail to add another dirty diaper, you will not be blasted by a horrendous stench escaping from the unit. While this is the best solution, the bag system is not for everyone, as the operational costs are a bit more expensive due to the fact that you need to use special bags.

However, this is not necessarily a big expense. With refill bags available for purchase at the same time as you order your Diaper One N Done, or you can order refills later. The pail can stand on the frame that it ships with, or it can balance on the edge of a table top or similar flat surface. The entire system is really the best and is a budget option for anyone who values the odor blocking efficacy of an individual bad sealed diaper disposal system.

The pails are a made in a clinical, hygienic white and are manufactured in the USA. All units sold come with a 30 day money back guarantee, so you know that the product has been designed for a singular purpose, and that it will last in its duties as a diaper pail. The hook design that keeps the pail attached to table and flat surfaces is sturdy and will easily hold the weight of the container, even when full.

  • User Friendly
  • Diapers are individually sealed
  • Can be hung from a table
  • Comes with a standalone frame
  • Made in the USA

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