Diaper Genie Essentials Diaper Disposal System Review

Diaper Genie Essentials

The Genie Essentials does not have a foot pedal, but rather it has a one hand operation lid that allows for easy access and also allows the lid to be opened up so that diapers can be quickly and easily disposed of into the main container that houses the sealing bags. Odor control is easily one of the most efficient systems in the grouping of diaper pail products, and this means that this little unit is going to be the best solution for many people that simply cannot handle the smell of dirty diapers.

The airtight system itself is patented, and with good reason. Smells and odors are no match for this zero airflow system, and because of the bags that also tie up during disposal, this system is seen as being a real smell killer. This is an excellent product to have in your home if you are looking to have an odor free environment as well as a convenient diaper disposal system.

Additionally, the one handed lid on the top is a breeze to open up and throw the dirty diaper into, with the top lid being easy to grip with one hand and open up. The front facing swivel door is attached to the lower part of the diaper pail as well, which means that the door is really easy to reach and the latch system is solid and does not stick or jam up.

Diaper capacity in the Genie Essentials is more than acceptable, sitting at around 34 diapers in total, depending on the size and saturation of each one. The 7 layer refills are another welcome addition to this units already considerable features, and parents will find its simple style, best build quality and ease of use to be most favourable when deciding on which diaper pail to purchase for themselves.

  • Patented airtight system
  • One handed design
  • Holds up to 34 diapers
  • Starter refill holds up to 100 diapers
  • 7 layer refill with barrier

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