Dekor Diaper Plus Diaper Disposal System Review

dekor diaper plus


Changing a baby’s diaper and disposing of it is never pleasant, the smell can be overwhelming. Odor can be a big problem, especially when an area has poor ventilation or slightly higher temperatures. This can lead to increased bacterial activity and can lead to more intense smells coming from diapers that have been thrown out. Throwing diapers into the trash is not sanitary at all and will leave your room with a dirty diaper smell lingering in it. Having a separate, container that can be sealed is a much better solution.

The Dekor Diaper Plus Diaper Disposal System is a really the best way to do all of the above things. It is a discreet, convenient diaper disposal system that keeps your nursery odor free with a fresh clean smell. It has a convenient, hygienic foot pedal that is used for opening the container, and it has the capacity to hold over 46 diapers. Perhaps the devices most advanced feature is it’s built in, door mounted liner cutter. It makes tying up the bag and disposing it so much easier for busy parents and caregivers. This model also comes with odor free triple seals and a free refill.

The unit itself is not very heavy at all, weighing in at around 7 pounds. The best thing about this product is that if you are using disposable diapers or reusable, washable ones this unit can handle both. You even have the option of using a different bin liner altogether if you so wish. This brings a certain level of versatility that we find refreshing in a product such as this, as you are not tied down to one particular type of brand of insert.

Overall, this is a robust and good looking diaper pail that is fit for purpose, looks great and has all the convenient features that you could possibly want in a product of this type. Its odor free design and overall aesthetic makes this a really good choice for your nursery.

  • Convenient, discreet
  • Foot operated lid opening
  • Contemporary design
  • Liner cutter
  • Odor free triple seals

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