Hot Tools Professional 1181 Curling Iron Review

Hot Tools Professional

This product is one of the best on the market today and available from Amazon. For those who have straight bland strands, you know how much you want those lovely tresses. Straight is great except for the fact that your lovely mane tends to get flat, and you feel like it lacks bounce and vigour. But getting that curl takes time and effort and most of the time you do not have the extra time to take away from the rest of your beauty regime. The solution to this problem is this wonderful product. It makes sure that there is a bounce not only your hair but also in your step.

The Professional 1181 is a one-inch curling iron. It is perfect for all types or textures. It does not cause frizz after treatment. Your locks will be soft, smooth and perfect just the way you would want them to be. It heats up pretty quickly which saves a lot of time and the styles last all day long. Depending on what type of texture you have, you can choose from the settings to get the right temperature for the perfect style. For thick hair, you have to use high-temperature settings, while for regular, you can choose medium heat and for fine, you have to choose lowest option.

  • Instantly temperature ready
  • Reaches 410 degrees
  • Flexible cord

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