Bed Head Deep Hair Waver Wand Review

Bed Head Wave Artist

Curls or straight? Having the same hairstyles every day can leave you feeling that you are lacking something to look at your best. The Bed Head Deep Hair Waver Wand is hair to change that. With this bouncy and frizzle-free wavy style you can impress. Overheating is always a problem with these devices, however, with the Bed Head Deep Hair Waver Wand, you can easily get the hairstyles you are looking for without any danger of burning or damaging mane. The shiny, luxurious waves you will end up with will be elegant and beautiful. It will give your mane will have a bounce and radiate your confidence.

The word that will come in anyone’s head would be masterfully created waves. The bed head has tourmaline and ceramic technology. This gives your waves a frizz-free and glistening touch. You do not have to worry about over-heating the wand and causing damage as it comes with the multiple settings to avoid this problem. If you have a stubborn straight hair or untameable mop, then this is the best product for you. The wand can heat up to 400 F. The flexible cord helps you to move the wand around your head easily without any fuss.

The wand comes with a plate locking switch. This makes it simpler for you to carry it around or store away. To use this wand, all you have to do is place your locks between the barrels. Also, you must start from the roots. Then keep the wand at the same place for about 10 seconds and slowly move towards the end of your strands. Your mane will look like a masterpiece when you are done with the Bed Head. There are many hair wands but this is the right product for you. The size is about one inch and it comes with adjustable plates. You get three models to choose from: BH3390, BH336 and the BH305. The model comes in three attractive colours- pink, deep purple, and aqua. You can get the intense ‘s’ waves giving new life to your dull hair, you can get the tousled, crumpled and messy look, or you can also get finely created waves which will make you feel like a Victoria Secret’s model.

  • Adjustable settings
  • Instant heating
  • Affordable price

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