Anjou Curling Iron with Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Curling Wand Review

Anjou Curling Iron

The Anjou is the best for long or short hair. The barrel is about 8.2 inches long and it is 1.25 inches wide. It is suitable for all lengths or styles. For long, you can wrap around twice for the best results. You can either wrap your strands tighter around, and get intense lockets or you select a lighter temperature to create loose tresses. If you are running late for school or office, you can depend on this product to give satisfactory results. The rod can heat up to 410 F in mere 60 seconds. That is pretty quick! Also, it has a ceramic coating which allows the hair to glide through the rod. You would not damage or pull your hair when it is wrapped around. The cord is very flexible as it can rotate 360 degrees which make it easier for the user. Moreover, the cord can stretch up to 2.5 m.

This product comes with a complimentary heat resistant glove. You can wear this glove on the hand that does not hold the wand but rather does the work. This will prevent you from hurting your hands while coiling and it will get better results.

  • 12 months warranty
  • A free user’s guide
  • 2 complimentary clips
  • A heat resistant glove

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