Razer DeathAdder Essential Review

Razor Deathadder Essential

The Razer DeathAdder Essential is a peripheral to be reckoned with. Razer, as you will probably be aware, is an absolute beast of a manufacturer in the peripheral sector, and they have led the way in many respects when it comes to keyboards and other peripherals. The DeathAdder Essential takes this and continues with it in style through its iconic Razer optical sensor.

We have a standard looking 5 buttons device on the DeathAdder with a black rubberized outside coating. This coating lasts very well over the years and should last you for a very long time. The DPI optical sensor is insane from Razer, offering an incredible 6400DPI! There may or may not be utility I such an incredibly high DPI, but if its bragging rights that you are after with the DeathAdder, then this will help you with that, too.

Some of the best mice that Razer has ever made were the DeathAdder mice. The best optical sensor can still be found in DeathAdder mice, but there is a lot more to like about this line of products. Even without Chroma, the Razer DeathAdder is the best choice for those looking for mice that have lots of buttons and the iconic DeathAdder shape.

This particular unit offers no Chroma RGB possibilities, meaning that the Chroma options won’t be seen in your application, but instead comes with the trademark Razer green glow that makes this pointer look as though it might be radioactive. There are 2 standard buttons, one scroller with button, and there are 2x thumb buttons as well, so gamers can customize and map their favorite key configurations.

This is a no frills Razer device with the E-sport athlete in mind, that doesn’t mind not having Chroma. There are minimal distractions and there is a zero cheese factor aesthetic that plays very much in its favor. This is a solid option, and is an excellent choice for players that need to take their online playing to the next level with lots of functional buttons to use, and at a good, cheap price. Price related to performance is really important to watch out for with mice.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • 6400 DPI!
  • Innovative button response technology
  • Built with Esports in mind
  • Works on glass tables too

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