Pictek 2400DPI Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Pictek 2400DPI 7-Button

Pictek is a relatively unknown brand that makes affordable gaming devices. The Pictek 2400DPI Wireless Gaming Mouse is a fun product that features wireless communications, and is operated by a single double A battery. There is no wireless dongle needed here, although your PC or laptop will need to have Bluetooth capabilities to link up properly.

The mouse offers a driverless installation so you can get going quickly if you can’t wait to start gaming. The DPI settings are adequate for its price range; its settings range from 800 to 2400. This can be adjusted at any time via the press of a button.

This is a decent wireless mouse that beginners and casual gamers can use for a decent price. There are 5 buttons in total on this mouse, and users should be aware that the 2 side buttons do not work when this unit is paired with an Apple OS device.

  • Adjustable DPI
  • Near silent click
  • Wireless
  • Customizable software for button programming
  • 10 meter wireless range

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