Logitech G602 Gaming Wireless Mouse Review

Logitech G602 Black/Grey

This product offers a revolutionary new transmitting technology. You can change the polling rates to create a connection that can rival a wired connection. It has 11 customizable buttons for ultimate versatility and usefulness. The battery is incredibly efficient and it can last for literally weeks without needing another charge.

The look and feel of the Logitech is extremely comfortable, and it even has an extended thumb platform for added comfort and ergonomics. The DPI settings go up to 2400, and this can be changed within the Logitech Gaming Software. You can also change the sensitivity on the fly while playing games, which can give you the edge when you need it while playing. Here you can customize all of your profiles and much more.

There are no adjustable weights or anything similar to that, but the high quality build and feature set that is available with this exceptional unit is enough of a reason for any serious gamer to consider it. The side buttons are a bit of a tricky thing to recommend, however, as they are somewhat small, and will require a bit of practice from the user for them to become entirely useful.

The box comes with a wireless receiver dongle and an additional extension cable for it, just in case you need to move in around for better signal. Charging is done via a micro USB connection, and this allows you to use it in a wired state as well while it charges.

  • Exceptional wireless performance
  • 11 programmable keys
  • Zero Delta Sensor Technology - Optical
  • In-game sensitivity switching
  • Performance and endurance modes

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