Pyle Capture Card Digital Video & Gameplay Recording Review

Pyle Capture Card Digital Video & Gameplay Recording

Clear and easy to use record software, Pyle Capture card enables to record full HD 1080p video recording, hassle-free. For every person seriously involved in capturing their gameplays or videos, this device provides a feasible option in a semi-pro to pro manner. An external capture device it is a direct-to-computer video and audio record ability.

A light, compact design, it weighs 8 ounces and is 6.7 x 5.2 x 2.2 inches in dimensions. A perfect rectangular in shape, it even looks good in the workspace! Probably one of the few HD capture cards, it proves to be a really simple setup and hassle free operation. Not only HD, it supports all the resolutions from 720p60, 720p30 to 288p, 240p. An ever ready product, it ready to work on whichever resolution you throw at it!

A modern PC capture card among budding YouTubers and gamers, Pyle Capture never fails to impress with its crystal quality records which can be enjoyed on TV without delays. Its audio and video recording is performed through HDMI port or USB port. The file saving process is easy as a breeze and sharing through PC operates efficiently. The video clips can be easily put on social media like YouTube and Twitter.

Another worth mentioning aspect of this game capture device is its capacity to record on both HDMI and analog outputs simultaneously. So be it a gameplay that is being recorded or live streaming of corporate meetings, Pyle capture will ensure it remains a success.

Compatible with almost every platform from Windows, PS3/PS4 to Xbox, the video dongle comes with all the necessary requirements for cables and adapters. A CD with video editing software accompanies this USB capture card. Videos can be edited easily and the interface is clearly organised. It also supports Open Broadcaster Software. Transfer of files for editing is well taken care of. Multiple videos can be transferred simultaneously without any hassle. The capture card has a feature of recording 1.5 gigabytes at a time. That means you can record a regular sized YouTube video in no time!

The best thing that makes this a good record device is the sheer simplicity of which it can be used for a number of recording, video commenting, editing and streaming functions. Be it, adolescents or adults, Pyle capture appeals to anyone looking for a capture card.

  • Is incredibly straightforward and clear to use
  • Provides crystal definition recording
  • Is compact and provides hassle-free management

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