Imillet Capture Card for Windows Linux & Mac Review

Imillet Capture Card for Windows Linux & Mac

It has become a trend now, to play video games and record your gaming videos. To be honest, it is not all waste. One could really learn from their recorded videos and improve their gameplay techniques, or they could use others’ methods and apply it to their games. The Immilet capture device is a game capture card specially made to record high definition videos. It becomes very easy to record yourself compare your skills with others with this video capture card. The numerous options in the market can be blinding. However, the small 3.8 X 0.6 X 2.2 inches box is very compatible to record videos that are HD. Weighing less than 4 ounces, it is easy to keep the box in a place, also due to its design, and it does not take much space.

The game capture device is compatible with OS, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Linux and OS X. Due to its compatibility, you have various options and are not limited to record on one device and then transfer it to other for editing or uploading. Uploading these videos on different social media platform helps you to gain fame and knowledge about other gamers and techniques.  The External USB cable (USB 3.0) allows you to plug it in and enjoy playing anywhere. You can connect it have a real time display on your computer, or your set-top box and camera. The capture device has various uses as it can be used to record your video conferences or even connect it to medical equipment.

You could record your favourite show while you do something else by leaving it connected to your set-top box. At a 300-350 MB/s speed, you can record without any hassle. When connected to the Pc, the video and audio recording is done by the dongle which leaves the CPU unoccupied, thus not slowing your game.  The video signal of the record card can reach up to 1080p/60 Hz, making it compatible with UVC video capture and YUV 422 video output. Thus, would you not say it is the best video capture device?

  • Auto detecting the input video formats
  • Easy compatibility with Linux, Windows and OS X operating systems

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