AVerMedia AVerCapture Low Latency Capture Card Review

AVerMedia AVerCapture Low Latency Capture Card

This exceptionally good capture card from AVerMedia AverCapture Low Latency Capture is Card a USB-run capture card which can record and stream videos from Xbox 360, Xbox One, NES Classic Edition, PlayStation 4, WiiU, Nintendo Switch as well as PC Gameplay. It has the potential of recording the videos at 1080p (HD) using HDMI and component input. This AVerMedia capture device is usually preferred by users who work on their PCs, Macs or laptops. The device weighs somewhere around 3.4 ounces and is small in size (Its dimensions are 17 x 10 x 4 inches).

This analog video capture device device comes along with an H.264 hardware encoder. This helps in taking less CPU usage and still manages to record the full videos HD at a really nominal files sizes in MP4 or H.264 format. This ensures that the video which is recorded are having a stable frame-rate resulting into a video with an unblemished work. All these impressive features of this HDMI capture card allow for faster and more efficient functioning and also amazing post-editing experience.  There is also AVerMedia RECentral software that comes along with this video capture device. This software allows one to stream live videos and it also supports voice commentary. This voice commentary can be later stored separately as an MP3 format file.

Also, if you feel you have missed out a larger-than-life moment and you cannot afford to do that, then this card will resolve the problem for you. This external capture card features the option of recording the videos using a Time-Shift Function. The Time-Shift Function permits the users to record the video retroactively, and this can be simply done by clicking and dragging to record. This card resolves your matter with such great ease that you will hardly ever regret missing on to moments. The function of Time Shift is permitted to be done within a period of one hour only.

With all that this digital video capture device has got to offer you, it also enables the user to share their experience with this device at social media platforms. One can easily use the AVerMedia RECentral software and adjust the settings as per their own convenience for live streaming the videos to Twitch, YouTube, Ustream and much more.

  • Record retroactively - TimeShift
  • Live streaming options available directly to social media platforms
  • Recording of videos at low latency
  • The device does not get too heated from streaming or recording
  • The light indicator denotes streaming along with recording

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