Thermarest Trekker Folding Camping Chair Review

Thermarest Trekker

Very easy to set-up and pack, comfortable and soft, this seat is a must have in your camping gear.

With this chair, you can enjoy the convenience of turning your camping sat into a mattress, on all your camping trips. Make the most out of the campfire, the sunset or a warm sunny day by the beach and relax as you feel like.

Completely compatible with NeoAir mattresses, this foldable camping chair is simply perfect for all body types. Compact in size, light, comfortable, and very sturdy, this chair is made from the strong material to last a long time.

The chair is made to fit the self-inflating mattresses as well. It is very easy and effortless to insert it in as well as to take out. Also, the chair includes side straps that can easily be adjusted to get the maximum support.

The rust colored seat is warm and great for the back and can be carried around with ease. Whether you plan to take the trip on foot, by road or even on a bike, you can easily hold the folded seat and take it with you, wherever you go.



  • Unique comfortable design.
  • Lightweight (less than a pound).
  • Very easy to use and carry.
  • Compact.

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