TCL 50FS3800 50-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED Gaming TV Review

TCL 50-Inch Roku Smart LED TV

Topping the charts when it comes to the best-selling LEDs and LCD TVs on the Amazon website, the TCL’s 50 inches 1080p Roku Smart LED TV has been time and again cited to be the best cheap gaming TV for PS4 and Xbox One.  This best-LED TV for gaming has got each and every such thing that a consumer can possibly expect from an influential television.

The fantastic TCL Roku TV is a smart and modern TV which is designed keeping in mind the demands of contemporary users. The gaming TV readily delivers all the content which is your favorite and that which will interest you. It does so with the help of 3000 channels which can be streamed without facing any difficulty. These channels can be made accessible to the user by making good of the personalised home screen option that this best HD TV grants you with. The home screen of the Roku TV has several options such as the connecting to the cable, DVD player or the gaming console. Also, the side list features a few more options that you can proceed with such as the movie store, TV store, News, search, streaming channels or settings, etc.

It is a sleek, modern and well-designed piece of contemporary technology bearing exceptional value which even features a quad pedestal stand. The pedestal stand leaves the choices open to the user whether to hang it on the wall or just to let it stand on the quad pedestal stand.  The good gaming TV is available in six different screen sizes, and you can always choose the one that best suits the free space or interior of your room. The various sizes in which TV is available to purchase are 28″, 32″, 40″, 48″, 50″ and 55″ inch. It supports full 1080p HD resolution clarity which gives you immense pleasure while watching something or the other on it. Even when using the TV for gaming purposes, the high definition resolution does not let you compromise with the graphics of the game and therefore increase your gaming experience. The best-LED TV for gaming is possessing LED backlight technology and direct-lit backlight technology which is even beyond belief.

The product is blessed with having an advanced refresh rate of around 60 Hz, 120 Hz CMI because of the dual – band Wi-Fi built-in the device. This feature enables one to experience high speed streaming and buffering which won’t let you miss on even a single thing. Unlike the usual and monotonous TV remotes which are fully stuffed with numerous buttons, the remote of this TV likes to keep it simple and sorted. The Roku TV remote are specially designed to keep it down to earth when it comes to its command keys, and this can be easily noticed in the 20 buttons that are given on the Roku TV remote to manage the functions of the television. Blessed with just half the number of buttons that a traditional TV set has in its remote, the Roku TV remote simplifies your confusion while using the remote as you don’t have to search for the key any longer and hence, saves a lot of time, thereby increasing your performance speed.

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To have a better control of the gamer TV even without using the super cool Roku TV remote is yet another mind blowing feature that this Smart TV possesses. Using the mobile app of the television, you can convert your smartphone or tablet into a remote of the tv and then command, browse or search for this best 50 inch TV. You can also use the voice search option with your phone whenever you feel like lazing around and too lazy to even move your fingers a little bit. This can be a fun way to find out what you have been searching for. You can search for the streaming channels feature for actors, directors and what not! One can even take benefit of the casting feature by managing to send or receive pictures, audios or videos from the smartphone or tablet that is connected to the Roku TV.

  • Personalised home screen
  • High definition picture quality of full 1080p HD support
  • Roku functionality
  • 120 Hz refresh rate which gives high-speed streaming experience
  • Convert your smartphone into a remote for the TV using the powerful Mobile App

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