Samsung UN55KU6300 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV for Gaming Review

Samsung Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Get the best of 4K Ultra HD video viewing, brought to you exclusively by Samsung with its new ultra-wide 55-inch LED TV. What is truly alluring about the latest Samsung 4K Ultra HD LED TV is that fact that its High Dynamic Range (HDR) delivers remarkable clarity and picture quality which is enhanced by its Micro Dimming Pro. It has the ability to utilise a fuller spectrum of colour which due to its Ultra Wide HD enables its Wide Colour Enhancer. The fact that 4K technology has come down slightly in terms of price has now made it possible for you to enjoy the experience of best 55-inch TV along with the capacity to play 4K video games. Now you can watch true depth in clarity while playing high-resolution games with full UHD. Your experience in gaming gets even better when you don’t have to worry about how much your TV can take because Samsung has also installed this 55-inch monster TV with an extremely efficient Quad-Core Processor which will ensure that your gaming experience remains smooth and swift. The last thing any Pro Gamer needs is systems lag while shifting from a gaming monitor to an Ultra High Definition TV.

The Samsung KU6300 is not just any TV but a 4K UHD Smart TV that enables you to have an incredibly realistic gaming experience on a tremendously large screen. Of course, you can pair it with any gaming platforms such as a PlayStation 4, Xbox One or even your Personal Computer setup. The KU6300 is excellent for games that demand depth and clarity, and when it comes to using giant screens you may face certain bumps like pixel enlargement or improper resolution, but Samsung impressive technology ensures that you get the best feedback irrespective of the game you play. The fact that it is indeed 4K means that you can expect the quality of any video or game to be enhanced four times than it is already. You are able to enjoy all videos in 4x resolution with a dramatic detail that ensures that your TV viewing experience is far from dull. Let’s look into one of its unique features; the Samsung KU6300 is equipped with UHD Dimming with utilises the latest visual technology by Samsung to differentiate between colour, contrast and sharpness that makes your on-screen video and picture quality even more dramatic. While playing high definition games, this can be a really helpful feature as you trace both distance and depth at all layers of the game. Imagine being able to pinpoint your target while playing One Man Shooter games or even indulge in the magnificent virtual scenic beauty that only the best 4K TV for gaming can provide.

What is it like to play High Definition games in a 55-inch wide Ultra HD 4K Smart TV? Well, other than the fact you get incredibly realistic videos with superbly sharp detailing your TV is also meant to be like a portal through which you can run other applications as well. That being said, we come to the Cloud Gaming feature that the Samsung gaming TV KU6300 has to offer. Now, you don’t even need a gaming console to play High Definition games, just play them wirelessly by using its cloud gaming feature. Although you will need a reliable internet connection to access this feature and the speed will vary according to your data server provider. What also may come in handy is the Smart Remote which you are provided with that has its own touchpad, and you can access other devices as well that are linked to the same wireless network.

  • Supports 4K resolution and Ultra HD
  • Equipped with UHD up-scaling for automatic picture up-gradation
  • Ultra Wide screen provides an Enhanced Gaming Experience

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