Samsung UN50J5200 50-Inch (49.5″ Diag.) 1080p Smart LED TV Review

Samsung 50-inch TV

With time and advancement in technology, expectations from a television have changed drastically. In earlier times the replacement for radio was expected to be more in screen resolution, and maybe the size was expected to get bigger, but today we expect our televisions to do a lot more than that. They aren’t just supposed to be big but also thin, not just clear but super 1080p clear, not just TVs but smart TVs. Gaming experience is shifted to a whole new level because now we use TVs to play our Xbox or PS4. Taking care of all of your expectations, Samsung has launched Samsung J5200; a 50 inch LED Smart TV that comes with a world of possibilities.

The J5200 offers full HD resolution at 1080p which means twice the resolution provided by the standard television, hence delivering a very crisp and clear picture quality to suit your eyes so that you can see each and every detail while playing your game. It offers a motion rate of 60 which means that you will have a continuously clear moving picture without any distortions whatsoever. Because of the quick refresh rate and high processing speeds in J5200smart TV, your gaming experience is taken to a whole another level. The TV also uses Wide Color Enhancer technology that offers high color production so that you can enjoy the print of the video as it was intended to be even with non-HD content. All of this makes the J5200 deliver a superior quality video for you to have a tremendous gaming experience.

Being a Smart TV, the J5200 has built-in Wi-Fi which allows you to browse the web on a big screen. The browser is integrated into the TV and you can use it to browse all kinds of stuff over the internet by sitting on your couch including playing online games.  You can also connect your TV to a wide range of sources to stream or sync your data from. The Samsung TV offers smart and simple connections with your smartphones or even laptops for you to play your favorite games on a 50-inch screen. You just need to have all the connected devices over the same network as your TV, and you will be able to connect to the TV wirelessly without any hustle. With the Samsung Anynet+, you can simply connect up to 12 devices to your TV and manage them with your remote which means you have streamlined management control.

Not just video, the Samsung J5200 Smart TV comes with a fantastic audio production. The TV has a built-in 5.1 surround support and DTS Premium Sound which ensures that you enjoy your game with a perfect audio background. The audio is clear, crisp and has a resonant bass response thus guaranteeing that not even a single sound is skipped or mixed. So from now on, every headshot will be felt from the inside with an incredible audio applause.  Also, the TV focuses on using the energy efficiently thus the brightness of TV is regulated according to the intensity of lights in the room. The Eco Sensor helps in attaining an adaptive brightness thus conserving power so that you can play your games without any power loss issues.

  • Full HD resolution with motion rate 60 to maintain clear stream quality
  • Integrated Wi-Fi to connect wirelessly with devices
  • DTS Premium Sound capability for incredible sound production

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