Samsung UN40H5003 40-Inch 1080p LED TV Review

Samsung LED TV

Back in the day, when we used to play video games on our TV’s, we didn’t really expect much out of the TV. We were happy with standard screen size and HD quality because TV didn’t make much of a difference to our games back then. But today, things have changed, and a lot is expected from our TVs because now, our gaming experience is affected by a considerable amount by our TV. A gaming TV needs to have a perfect video quality, wireless connection capability, nice audio reproduction and much more to bring the best out of our Xbox and PS4.

To satisfy all your requirements, Samsung has launched Samsung H5003 LED model with a 40-inch display screen and a 1080p full HD resolution. It delivers nearly everything a gamer could expect. The H5003 comes with a resolution that is twice the resolution offered by any standard TV which means that the video quality delivered by the TV would provide you with an amazing game experience. Also, like every premium Samsung LED TV, the H5003 LED TV has a Wide Color Enhancer Plus feature to enhance the colour production and provide a wider spectrum of colours to suit your eyes. With such a high-resolution and enriched colour display, the H5003 ensures that you will not miss a single detail of your favourite games and movies.

With a form factor of 9 x 36.1 x 23.3 inches, the Samsung UN40H5003 LED TV is just what you need to improve your gaming experience by a considerable amount. Not just that, the Samsung TV comes with the famous Samsung Motion Rate 60 feature which promises a clear video delivery to your screen. With a quick refresh rate and high processing speed, the H5003 LED TV delivers a continuous motion picture in your game with no lags or frame drops whatsoever, thus improving your gaming experience. This helps you to see each and every detail of your game and hence having a better video with no frame drops, there would not be any distortions in your video while streaming too.

The TV also comes with a Connect Share Movie feature in which you can connect a lot of devices with your Samsung H5003 LED TV via USB. Almost all devices have USB connections nowadays. So with the USB support, you can stream music or watch movies or even play games from a laptop or hard disk and much more on a big screen and enjoy it. Not just that, the TV comes with amazing sound quality hardware. It supports DTS Studio Sound hence delivering crystal clear audio with resonant bass just what your ears would want to hear. This enables you not to miss a single syllable while you are fighting your enemies or your teammates are calling for backup. This helps you have a tremendous gaming experience with both fantastic audio and video quality.

  • Motion rate 60 assures no frame drops while playing
  • High Resolution of 1080p
  • DTS Studio Sound quality audio
  • Wide Colour Enhancer Plus to enrich the colour quality of your games

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