LG Electronics OLED65E6P Flat 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED Gamer TV Review

LG Electronics Ultra HD TV

LG takes a step further in its pursuit of razor sharp picture perfection with the LG 65E6P 4K Smart OLED TV which features a staggering 65-inch flat screen. When it comes to ‘beauty without compromise’ there is no stopping LG since it introduces the OLED High Definition Flat screen TV range. What is so special about using an OLED Flat screen TV you might wonder? Well, its individual OLED pixels are designed to dim and brighten, illuminate and darken in order to achieve the perfect black that most Smart TV’s of its generation fail to deliver. Achieving a perfect black is essential to producing realistic images and videos that seem more in tune with real life. LG OLED65E6P strikes the perfect balance between the lightest and darkest areas of the screen in order to give a spectacular contrast ratio, therefore, making the possibilities infinite which are why it is one of the best 65-inch 4K TVs when it comes to live imaging. Not only will your experience in home theatre viewing increase but you will also get a chance to play lively High Definition games like never before.

Just calling it, a 4K TV does not do it any justice at all! The amazing characteristic of the E6 OLED from LG is how it plays with the colour range between its Blacks and Whites. Backed by its individually lit pixels and Picture-on-Glass design the OLED E6 is capable of delivering a billion different shades of Black and White grading that brings out the perfect detailing in your picture quality. The OLED HDR is a great competitor as its High Dynamic Range is coupled with Dolby Vision Content that shows the perfect composition in imaging that brings out the magnificent bright and darks, extravagant colour, infinite contrast possibilities and above all a fabulous home theatre experience both in gaming and viewing movies. What highlights the aesthetic beauty of the LG OLED E6 UHD 4K TV is it combines both a perfect balance of black and also gives you a cinematic feel. It is each pixel effectively brightens and darkens that offers amazing contrast with infinite possibilities, whereas virtual display is composed of a vast variety of hues that highlights the cinematic feel of the video. The picture would actually make the game which you come alive as it expresses perfect detailing of the moving images with amazing speed.

All these features combined as earned the LG OLED E6 4K UHD TV the status of Ultra HD Premium TV. Certain other features that make it an incredible buy that would luxuriate your Smart TV experience are its exquisite design that makes it look both slim and stylish making it a crowning jewel of your living room. Also, its 65-inch widescreen gives a pleasurable wide viewing angle while the inbuilt Dolby Vision makes the colours of the video to almost pop from the screen. Other than its amazing 4K Resolution, it also facilitates a magic remote, smartphone connection and wireless zooming and its onboard Harman Kardon Sound, which is recognised as mastery over audio, is bound to make you never want to leave the living room.

  • 65-inch Ultra-wide Flat screen with Dolby Vision
  • Individual pixel illuminations for larger contrast variation
  • Premium Ultra HD TV with High Dynamic Range

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