LG Electronics 55EG9100 Curved 55-Inch 1080p Smart OLED TV Review

LG Electronics Smart OLED TV

LG Electronics 55 Inch Smart OLED TV is one of the best budget OLED TVs available in the market ideal for people who love to stay entertained while being at home. This is one of the best 55 inch TVs in the market that brings into light a new category of television with dynamic picture quality and top-notch class. Not only does this OLED TV sparks of performance but also stands as an epitome of excellent design. It is a television that is gracefully curved in design to optimise the 1080p full HD performance so that viewers enjoy the finest details and a sparkle of colours on their home screen and the color reproduction in the games can be perfect. It also provides a “Perfect Black” that maximises the contrasts and improves picture quality to an unbound level. The wide viewing angle facilitates all this LG Electronics Curved TV comes with. Its design is remarkably thin setting new standards for design and sleek style. All of this contributes to improving your gaming experience by a tremendous amount.

When you buy a television, you wish you had the best picture capability and had the ability to see the minutest of dynamic images so that you have clear video quality in your game. The LG Electronics Smart OLED TV is here to do just that and much more. As contrast ratio forms the backbone of picture quality, this best TV for gaming 2016 comes with self-lighting pixels that switch off entirely to provide for the blackest of the screen, thus allowing viewers to receive the best picture quality. The biggest problem one faces with OLED or LCD television is that the picture loses its vibrancy and exotic display, if not viewed from the right proportionate angel. LG Electronics 1080P TV comes with an extensively wide viewing angle that allows anyone to see a bright and colourful picture without variances or difficulties, from any corner of the room, without having to bend or move forward. Thus, you can be assured not to miss a single detail in your game.

The best thing about OLED technology and our LG Electronics TV is that it is ultra-thin which makes it very light and portable, in cases of shifting. This is a good gaming TV as it is smart and comes with web OS technology that allows gamers to enjoy and enrich themselves. It is simple to easy and fun to learn about new interesting aspects. The stellar picture is incomplete without impressive sound, most of us would agree. This is not only the best big screen TV but also one that is notable for its advanced audio technologies that are responsible for sound clarity and conscience. The audio awesomeness adds to your great gaming experience.

  • Has self-lighting pixels that help to achieve a “Perfect Black” to get the best picture quality.
  • A wide viewing angle is provided to allow viewers to enjoy a clear and vibrant picture from any position.
  • Has webOS technology that makes it easy, simple and fun to use.

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