Atlantic Black Centipede Game Storage Review

Atlantic Black Centipede Game Storage

Here we have a gamer’s delight, featuring a multi-functional smorgasbord of gaming related features. Made from high strength steel and is available in both red and black versions, to match your own style in the location of your choice. The unit is easy to assemble and requires hardly any effort on the part of the owner, just a few slide in and clip in components and you are all set, ready to go.

The top of this unit features a wide a level wooden veneer platform for your TV to rest on, and can accommodate anything up to 37 inches, and a whopping 80 pounds. There are two overhanging clips on the left and right of this platform that can easily hold your guitar hero controller and headphones on each side. Below this platform are 4 holders that can easily house up to 4 controllers. In the middle of this section is another level section that can comfortably house 3 upright gaming consoles, and underneath this is flanked by media housing storage that can fit 12 gaming titles quite easily.

The feet on this unit are a non-marring, or scuff-free rubber that will ensure that your tiled or veneered floor will not scratch or scuff from resting on it for extended periods of time. Putting this unit together is easy and requires almost no effort on the part of the user. This, combined with all of the functionality of a storage solution creates a fantastic option for the gaming room or bedroom of any player that values style and functionality.

  • Supports up to 37” TVs
  • 80-pound weight limit
  • Can hold 3 consoles, 4 controllers, 12 games and a headphone unit
  • Steel construction, adjustable feet
  • Minimal construction

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