Smeg 2-Slice Toaster Review

Smeg 2-Slice Toaster-Pastel Green

To start off we have the TSF01 retro model that looks like it comes right from the kitchen of a 1950s film star, and of course it is made by none other than Smeg. This two slice toaster is a classy addition to any classic or contemporary kitchen; being offered in a simple black, red or pink as well as a pastel green or pastel blue you will certainly find a place for it in your house. Unlike other brands Smeg truly enters the art of appliances, transforming them from boring everyday items into stylish statement pieces. The body is actually made from steel and then powder-coated in high quality paint, plus there is a backlit chrome button that will tell you when the toaster has started to toast.  It is a compact 120 volts (980 W) unit, which is has enough output to give you perfectly brown toast, bagels and just about any baked goods you can fit in it.

The whole toaster is 8″ wide x 12″ long and 7″ high, but the toasting slots are particularly wide to accommodate all sorts of toast-able items. There are six different ‘browning’ levels that you can choose from, and when your toast has popped you simply need to remove the stainless steel crumb tray and give it a tap into the bin for cleaning. To make sure that everything stays safely in place the Smeg TSF01 toaster has anti-slip feet and a built in cord wrap that you can use to keep things tidy when you don’t have it plugged in. You can purchase accessories for this toaster such as a bun warmer and a sandwich rack at a bit of an extra price. This product was really a pleasure to use, and to look at!

Why we liked it: The Smeg name means that this toaster has got it all: quality, class and functionality. With anti-slip feet you know this toaster isn’t going to fall off of the counter and take one out of your toes with it. The pastel colours are particularly nice for a classy kitchen setting, and they blend so well with vintage or modern décor.

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