Dash Clear View Toaster Review

Dash Clear View Toaster

Dash Clear View Toaster has a unique take on the classic toaster design. With its clear panels you are able to see how your bread is toasting, from the moment it enters the tray until pop-up. It gives you an advantage of getting your toast perfectly brown that most other toasters don’t provide you with, because you can keep an eye on it as it goes. The Dash clear view toaster also allows you to adjust the heating of the toaster with a 7 level browning control and an auto-shut off function. If you see that your bread is at the perfect colour, through the clear view panels, you are able to cancel the toasting and remove your bread before the auto shut-off.  You will love this Dash toaster as it not only has two extra-wide slots but they are also extra-long, giving you some room for other foods. This means that not only can you toast bagels or bread, but you can toast up two 4 slices of bread, or artesian breads.

No matter what bread you chose this toaster is more than ready for the job. You will find this toaster has a removable crumb tray on the side of the toaster and that it is super easy to clean. Make sure to give the outside of the toaster a wipe too so that you will be able to check on your toast through the clear panels. The last thing you want is to under- or overdo your toast because of a badly placed smudge on the glass. The Dash Clear View Toaster is equipped with one-touch controls for defrosting, bagels and to reheat the toast. When buying this toaster not only do you get a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty but you also get a recipe book. Dash has a growing database of recipes that make use of their range, buying this toaster will allow you access to this database as well.

Why we liked it: the Dash Clear View toaster has seven levels of browning control, a recipe book and a one-year warranty. It also has that novel feature that is all too exciting – being able to see your bread turn to toast before your very eyes. The entire unit is easy to clean and will bring some unique style to your kitchen. A see-through toaster is a great gift idea or housewarming present for the friend who likes to see how it works.

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