Darth Vader Bread Toaster Review

Darth Vader Toaster

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… this toaster ruled the universe. It looks like Darth Vader himself, and it has just as much power to turn your toast to the dark side. Okay perhaps that’s a bit melodramatic, but we can’t help but be excited about another Star Wars themed item popping up on our list. This toaster does all the regular work of toasting your bread, but it has a special trick up its sleeve too. Each piece of bread, English muffin, toaster pastry or waffle that you put in this toaster will emerge as an agent of the dark side, with Darth Vader’s helmet on it and the Star Wars name underneath. The features that this model comes with are reminiscent of the Death Star – you can turn the dial to activate the adjustable “lazer” thermostat, wait for the automatic switch off or stop the toasting manually, and all the while the casing of the toaster will remain cool to the touch.

This model is officially licenced, and the black plastic casing is detailed with accurate features right from the film set. This efficient toaster has a crumb tray to make it simple to clean, and the power supply has a capacity of 110 – 120 volts as well as 570 – 680 W. This is not quite enough to destroy a small planet, but it is significant enough to give you perfect toasted confectionaries every time you want them! Your kids will absolutely love this toaster because it can make unique toasties when all their friends come over to play. As far as trendiness goes, you won’t find better than the Star Wars Darth Vader Bread Toaster.

Why we liked it: two words – Star Wars! Apart from the branding this toaster is actually really good. It has a large power output to handle tougher pieces of bread, and it also has buttons for defrosting and re-heating. The toasting trays are wide enough to fit most sizes of bread in, as well as bagels and toaster pastries. This is a great gift item, and would be the perfect way to get your kids involved in the kitchen.

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