Arctic Silver Premium High Density Thermal Compound Review

Arctic Silver Ceramique Premium

Another really great offering just this time a ceramic based compound. The Ceramique uses a composite of unique shapes of thermally conductive aluminum oxide, boron nitride and zinc oxide sub-micron particles to maximise the contact area between particles and offers high performance even surpassing the performance of metal based compounds.

It does not contain any silicone, and is a mixture of advanced polysynthetic oils that will provide long-term stability and a much higher performance level. It needs about 100 to 300 hours to thicken and reach its optimal performance levels. During this time the viscosity of the product is lowered by heat from the CPU, the compound will then fill the microscopic valleys and provide a minimum bond line between the heatsink and the CPU.

As it does not contain any metal it is non-conductive so you will not run the risk of any short circuiting when applying. It is easy to apply the 2.5-gram tube covers about 20 square inches, at a layer of 0.003-inches thick.

  • Provides long-term stability
  • Non-conductive
  • No silicone
  • Ceramic based compound

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