Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound ArctiClean 60 ML Kit Review

Arctic Silver 5

Arctic 5 is not only seen as one of the best compounds available, but also ranks top in CPU thermal paste reviews and is a consistent best seller on Amazon. A great combination is what you get in this offering. You can clean out the old before applying the thermal compound ensuring that you give your computer what it needs to work optimally for you.

The 5 3.5g is a ceramic based compound and it does not conduct electricity. So even if you accidently get some of the compound on your motherboard pins you will not short circuit your CPU.  It has a unique high-density filling of micronized silver and enhanced thermally conductive ceramic particles. It has been designed for use in overclocked CPUs and heatsinks or water-cooling systems. It is very easy to apply, as it is not very viscous meaning it will not run, migrate, bleed or separate. It has a conductance of less than 350,000W/m2 C (0.001 inch layer).

The Cleaning kit will let you clean out the old paste before applying the new. You will have to remove the existing grease to prepare them for the new paste. ArctiClean 1 (30ml) Thermal Material Remover will quickly dissolve and emulsify the existing paste from the CPU or heatsink so that you can then easily wipe it off. Following that process you will add a few drops of the ArctiClean 2 (30ml) Thermal Surface Purifier and to rid your CPU of any remaining residue, it also helps to prevent flash corrosion on both copper and aluminum. Gently wipe it clean and you are ready to apply the new thermal paste. ArctiClean is very simple and easy to use takes less than a minute to apply. It does have a fairly long curing time, in other words time it takes to work at optimal performance, which is around 200 hours, however this is a small price to pay for such a great product.

  • Non-electrically conductive
  • Great combination of paste and cleaner
  • Easy to use
  • Does not run, migrate, bleed or separate

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