Samsung 850 PRO – 1TB – SSD for Gaming Review

Samsung 850 PRO - 1TB

The Samsung 1tb SSDs have time and again proven they are the best of the best 1tb SSDs with incredible performance against all its competitors present in the market. This was the first ever consumer 1tb SSD in the entire world which was powered by the Samsung’s 3D V-NAND Technology.  The Samsung 850 1tb SSD has the capacity to give maximum double the speed, density and endurance of the conventional flash.

The rate that this 1tb SSD can maximum reach for sequential reading performance is up to 550 MB/s and for sequential writing performance, the speed can reach maximum up to 520 MB/s. Further, when it comes down to the IOPS performance, the reading speed can be stretched up to 100,000 and writing speed can be stretched up to 90,000.

This good 1tb SSD is not simply made for the regular users but is specially designed for Hardcore PC Gamers and Heavy PC Users and also Business Professionals.  You can rely on this 1tb SSD or HDD for gaming with your eyes closed because of the enhanced reliability as well as endurance that this 1tb SSD offers. When it comes to endurance and reliability, this is the next best device in the industry. In addition to the endurance that this device offers you, its performance and energy efficiency is yet another factor that would attract the consumers towards it.  The 1tb SSD comes with a warranty period which lasts for 10 years which is one of the largest spans that this industry offers.

The gamer 1tb SSD comes with a user manual, and along with the manual there are other things included in the pack such the all other cables and screws, but the brackets are not included. There is particular software available online which helps users in managing the SATA 1tb SSD as well as assists in the easy installation of your SSDs. This software is developed and introduced by Samsung itself and is called Samsung Data Migration and Magician Software.

This fastest 1tb SSDs and are compatible with computers having operating systems of Windows 10/8/7/Vista SP1 and all those that are above this (be it 32 bit or 64 bit).  Also, it is compatible with Windows Server 2008 and Linux.

  • This is the Fastest SATA SSD for consumers
  • It comes along with a warranty of 10 Long years
  • 1tb SSD
  • 3D NAND Technology

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