Kingston Digital 120GB SSD Hard Drive Review


Upgrade your hard drive to Kingston Digital SSD and bring the best out of your computer. Its enhanced features and affordable price make it a must-have device. The HDD makes your computer quicker and up to ten times more responsive than 7200RPM hard drives. The HDD incorporates a marvel controller for faster speed. Therefore, your applications will load much quicker, and your computer will not take much time for starting or shutting down. The device does not consist of any moving parts which makes it more reliable than traditional HDD’s and prevents it from drops and bumps. Kingston HDD includes an LSI SandForce controller specially customised for the company; this technology ensures excellent reliability and is absolutely shock-proof. The HDD comes with a 7mm SSD which is ideal for slim notebooks with less space. The 120 GB space provides you with enough storage for all your videos, music, documents and applications. The SSD has a reading and writing transfer rate of 450  MB/s.

The 2.5 inch SSD has a 7mm form factor that is compatible with a standard 9.5 mm system. The device works in a silent mode, and the noise does not distract you while working as the device is vibration-resistant. The 6.35 cm SSD supports SATA 6.0 GBPS that rules out the risk of any malfunctions in its performance. Kingston HDD comes with a complete kit of all the necessary accessories you need for installing the device quickly. The design is optimised to make transferring data to SSD more cost-effective. The product is backed by a 3-year warranty. Overall, this product is the best choice to go for, especially if you are planning to upgrade your existing rig.

  • Consists of LSI SandForce which makes the HDD shock-proof and Vibration-proof
  • Good storage space for storing high amount of data
  • Ten times quicker than 7200RPM hard disk drives
  • Comes with a free installation kit
  • 3-year warranty

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