Crucial MX300 525GB SATA 2.5″ Internal Solid State Drive Review

Crucial MX300 525GB

The best budget SSD from Crucial comes with an incredible performance when it comes to its speed of reading writing. The sequential writing speed of the Crucial SSD can reach the maximum of 530MB/s while that of the writing can reach about 510 MB/s.  This enables the users to boot instantly, decrease the load times and accelerate the demanding application with great ease. It can read/write all and any types of files. The maximum speed that random reads can reach is 92,000, and that which random writes can reach is 83,000. This best value SSD from Crucial is about 90 times more efficient in spending its energy as compared to a typical hard disk present in the market.

Crucial’s SSD offers its users such a kind of performance that is instant, and that will last. The speed, durability as well as the endurance that it provides can be relied upon by its users because this drive does not treat your storage merely as a container, but it loads as well as saves everything that the user does and saves. Users need not worry much about the data on the drive as this good SSD from Crucial protects the data on it with AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption, RAIN Technology and also Exclusive Data Defence Technology.

  • 3D NAND Technology just like Samsung
  • Incredible SATA performance
  • Available in various sizes up to 2 TB

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