ADATA Premier SP550 480GB Solid State for PC Review

ADATA Premier SP550

ADATA Premier SP550 is one of the best and the hard disc drive you want for your system. Its advanced technology and affordable price make it absolutely worth it. The hard disk drive consists of smart SLC (single level cell) cache system that boosts the SSD reading and writing. The device can read and write up to 510MB/s. ADATA SP550 enhances the performance speed without any additional expense. It increases the speed of daily browsing like email, internet surfing, video streaming, etc. Hence, you every day browsing can be accomplished at a much faster speed.

LDPC (Low Density Parity Check Code) equipped the hard disk drive guarantees safety from corruption and ensures intelligent data protection. LDPC makes the device reliable and increases its durability by preventing and correcting data errors. The best Hard disk drives that have LDPC technology are found to be much more durable compared to the ones that don’t. One of the best aspects of hard disk drives are the TBW (Total bytes written). TBW refers to the total capacity the SSDs are capable of writing throughout its lifespan. This also indicates the durability of the SSDs. The TBW of ADATA SP550 is found to exceed those of many comparable models.

You would certainly not want your hard disk drive to run out of battery again and again. This is why the device is armoured with DEVSLP (Device Sleep) system. This makes the hard disk drive more energy efficient which results in increased battery life and low power usage. ADATA SP550 is as thin as 7 mm that is easily compatible with Ultra-thin Notebooks. Besides this, a 2.5 mm spacer is present for fitting in 9.5 mm drive bays that supports almost every Notebook.

ADATA SP550 also comes with a free SSD Toolbox which consists of numerous advantageous features. The Drive Info feature displays the status of your drive’s capacity, temperature, lifespan and health. The toolkit incorporates a Quick diagnostics and a Full diagnostics feature. The former runs test on free space of your device and the later runs tests on the entire space used. The Utility corner includes SSD Toolbox, and firmware update along with security erase feature. System Optimisation enables TRIM service on unused drive space, and the system info feature displays your system’s information.

With all the best features, you can surely consider replacing your old HDD with ADATA Premier SP550.

  • Intelligent SLC to boost SSD performance
  • Free SSD Toolbox with multiple features
  • DEVSLP system for low energy consumption
  • Higher TBW
  • LDPC technology to prevent data errors and system corruption

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