ASUS RT-N66U Dual Band Wireless Gigabit Router Review

ASUS RT-N66U Dual Band

The Asus RT-N66U Dual Band Router is the ultimate resort for all the gamers when we talk about best gaming routers. This is an incredible router that has got to offer Ultra-Fast Connection which provides Rates up to 900Mbps which is certainly what a gamer can never say no to. It is suitable for File sharing as well as printer sharing. Not just that, it also enables one to do 3G sharing using the two multi-functional Built-in USB ports that it possesses, like any good router.

As it has got 2 ports, so at a time, it can be connected to two devices. It supports only USB 2.0 port and USB 3.0 port. You can even access the data on the storage device that is connected to the router and that is not all. Any Samba clients that are connected to this network can be accessed from anywhere using internet access. These devices can be accessed via a Network Map which permits us to see the devices that are connected to the router.

With 2.5 Ghz and 5 Ghz, the concurrent dual-band transmissions are built in this device that will ensure that almost all the corners of your house can be easily connected to the wireless connection of this device. Thus, the issue of signal strength cannot even arise here because the router provides with very strong signal strength. Also, it further provides wireless coverage with 3 High-powered antennas which are even Detachable to maintain the best Wi-Fi. In all, it has four LAN Ports.

This best wireless router for multiple devices is endowed with Gigabit Ethernet Ports which result in the fastest and the most reliable internet connection performance. The router on its 2.4GHz frequency band had outperformed all the other routers that are there in this field in the market. When a person was standing 9 ft away from the router, then RT-N66U was delivering TCP throughout at 22 percent faster clip more than its closest competitor, the Belkin N900. When talking about the 5GHz frequency band, the condition was exactly opposite.

  • Strong and stable wireless connection
  • Attractive looks for a stylish gaming setup
  • Superior file sharing

In order to enjoy the highest speed that this router can provide, find a Wi-Fi client which supports 450 MBps standard. As it comes in two colours, the choice of choosing the one that suits your room or your desk area the most is always open. Also, it has got really enticing looks with a satin touch finish. The LED lights in the front for the status of power, the internet, switch, USB port and network. You can place this best internet router anywhere you want in your home, be it your desktop or your desk or you can even hang it on the wall.

The size of this router is perfectly apt (14 x 11 x 3.5 inch) with a weight of 1.8 lbs. The 4 rubber stands beneath the router will ensure that no matter wherever you place it, the air will circulate and the device will function properly. It has got two buttons viz. power button and the button for Wi-Fi protected the system.

This Asus’ top router provides for an easy Setup, Signal Monitoring, and Network Application Control. The internet setup that ASUS provides for makes the procedure of configuration really easy and short of work. The router’s balance is also properly laid out which it easy to master. The web interface of this fast router is ordered, receptive, and reasonably uncomplicated. There is a link to instructions provided in the web interface which will guide you through the settings of connection.

Not at all like the other routers of this category, which shield the client from the switch’s complexities, Asus permits you to bore where it counts into the quick and dirty. The quality of service in this has got 3 modes: Automatic mode, User defined priority and user-defined.

Hence, if you are looking for a modem which will ensure real high speed, then ASUS RT-N66U Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router is router because it provides almost the highest speed of all the best routers that are present in the market in this field. This router is your ticket to all the places in the world that you can visit using Internet access. It also break necks the downlink speed. This is indisputably the best wireless router for gaming.

  • 2.4GHz and 5GHz concurrent Wi-Fi connections
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • USB storage capable
  • 3G backup
  • WAN port equipped

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